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Facebook, Farmville and silkie chickens

Woden Road South


I check the statistics on my blog quite regularly to see what people are searching for and reading about when they find my blogs. I expect readers from Facebook but rarely get any; except for one particular day when I got loads. I think that might have been the title of that day’s blog, it was about local stuff. I decided to write about local stuff the next week; no one seemed very interested. They also search for information about FarmVille and find my blog and a day rarely goes by when someone doesn’t search for silkie chickens and finds my blog.


I’m on level 1012 at Farmville and have 5 farms, but I don’t have any new tricks. I get bored with it quite often especially this new Hawaiian paradise where you have to buy things with coconuts. Zynga needs a consultant now that the game’s originator has left them. Someone like me that can play the game. They have made it too complicated and too frustrating. It is free and so if you can ignore their pleas to buy FarmVille cash, it can pass the time. It could be more educational though and do more than just pass the time.

Silkie Chickens

Silkie chickens are a popular subject. They have silkie white feathers, black skin and bluish black meat. The meat and eggs contain lots of carnosine, which it’s claimed slows the aging process. All poultry contains some carnosine and so it is good for you; I eat a lot of chicken.


I do research for most of my blogs but on a  Sunday, I ramble, just write the first thing that comes to mind. These ramblings are my most popular subject, it makes me wonder why I ever bother researching anything. I could just write crap like this every day! I write this before lunch or sometimes while lunch is cooking. Then after lunch I try to get out, get a bit of exercise while I take some photos for my blogs. Who needs a gym when you can walk for free? The lake in the picture isn’t too far away and I might take a look there later and see if the daffodils are out now. I photograph nature, but like to photograph old buildings too.

Doing a blog can be quite technical especially if you have two like me. I have had a lot of problems with font sizes. If you are a blogger with one blog then Window Live writer can make it a lot easier, but when you try doing two, the code can get messed up a little. I’m having to check the source code yet again today because I want my chosen font in the size I chose, rather than the generic one at a size you have to strain you eyes to see. That is a problem with a lot of blogs, the text is too small and hard to read. I have seen some awful themes too, mine isn’t very posh but white text on a black background reduces eye strain for me.

I think blogging is very popular at the moment but I don’t think it will continue to be so. There are a number of factors that will take affect, people will get bored with it. The better writers will be popular and get the readers and the rest will fall by the wayside. I think many young people aren’t educated in language as much as older people and so of the grammar used in blogs can be quite appalling. There used to be a few breweries on every street in England, but most fell by the wayside and the ones that were really good at brewing beer stayed in business. I think the same thing could happen with blogging. Self hosted sites are more likely to continue because the owners invest time and money in them and they will become valuable advertising platforms. I can see many getting corporate sponsors too. I hope my Zillion Ideas site is doing well by then!

I hope you liked today’s ramble, there are more blogs on the home page.


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