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Neodigital Art | Blue skies


Light is very important when you’re taking photographs and I haven’t had very good light so far this year. This month has been typical dark skies and April showers. In this photograph, you can see a little blue sky, white clouds but some darker cloud too. You can see that the sky if reflecting lots of light and that light is creating a reflection on the water.  If you’re a regular reader, you will have seen photographs of the lake that I often take pictures of; that is behind those trees.  You can marvel at the way they have built that canal, it dates back at least two hundred years.

black and white Moorcroft Wood

I took this photo of the entrance to Moorcroft Wood a little earlier and decided to convert it to black and white to good effect. The black and white fencing stands out and it has a spooky look to it.

The canal

I like Art Nouveau especially when pictures and stylish text are combined. I added a little text to this photo and I like it! I added the text at the top on the bridge, I’ve done similar pictures where I used a darker text across the sky in a photograph.

1 canal sepia

Last week, I used Fotosketcher to alter pictures and I have used it here and then changed the picture to black and white. It’s a canal lock and so quite unusual, it looks like a very old photograph now and the lock is over 200 years old, so it’s appropriate.


This is unusual, I haven’t used a photograph at all, just text on a black background. I  tried that with a frame and without. I think I need to work on that idea, but that is what art is about; experimenting!

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13 responses

  1. Great photos, Mike. The first one is particularly amazing. The flowered branch in the front of the picture really gives a lot of power. What’s amazing to me about that picture is both the branch and the background are in focus. Is that a special effect? How do you do that?

    The black and white image of the canal is very powerful. You’re lucky to be surrounded with so much history, a great source for your photo subjects!

    In the canal photo with the text, I love how the font curves match the curve of the pipe above the canal. Lovely.

    I’ve been using FotoSketcher, very cool! It’s interesting because the effects aren’t instant. You adjust the settings and then hit “Draw!” to see what happens. When you’re choosing the type of picture you want, you aren’t given much indication about what the effects will be. I have to play with it a lot more to discover my favorites. I tried “Impressionist” for my first photo and put it on Pinterest. I really like how it turned out.

    Thanks once again for sharing your impressive knowledge with us, Mike!

    24, April 2012 at 1:37 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    The one canal picture is a little disappointing because there are some really interesting benches in that picture and you can’t see them. Those pipes can be ugly but that one works. I like the first picture because I only got access there the other day. We went through a maze of new streets to find a bridge over the canal and good views.

    There are more pictures on A Zillion Ideas. I wrote two blogs today! Here:

    24, April 2012 at 7:41 pm

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