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It’s not easy living with the minimal number of possessions. But think how much easier and cheaper it would be to keep your house clean without all the decorative stuff like pot plants, ornaments and family photographs around your home. All those little bit and pieces cost money over the years too. Maybe you could have one digital photo frame instead of all those family photos? In fact many televisions can be set up to display all your photos these days.

It’s worth considering whether you have too much furniture too. I have fold up garden chairs that I use when I have a room full of guests! I like to have plenty of space  in my  living room.

The way we live as a matter of habit and it can be very thrifty to have less because we have less possessions that need replacing when they wear out. Getting into the habit of checking labels when we shop, feeling for quality and not being swayed by famous names can save us a fortune too.

You can still be stylish and save a fortune on clothes by checking out styles, looking at the styles rather than the brand name. I find a lot of stylish clothes can be found in discount stores like Matalan and even charity shops. You can even get designer labels, not that they would impress the truly thrifty!

I usually write about Lidl and Aldi and the bargains there. I haven’t been, yet this week, although both stores can save you money compared to the major supermarkets; their websites leave  a lot to be desired. I think I will choose Aldi this week, I have to go to one or the other because they are in opposite directions. Aldi and Lidl have very similar offers on chicken and meat this week and so I suspect they are from the same supplier and so there is little to choose between them.

With the UK now ‘officially’ in recession again, there are more reasons to adopt a thrifty and frugal lifestyle. More people are looking at trying car boot sales to sell of some of their odd ornaments and so by going minimalist and selling off ornaments and pot plants; you can save money and make money. Starting a part time business is a popular choice too and it is a good idea if you have a service you can provide. I was talking to someone who has just started a gardening business yesterday and he has a petrol powered mower and the right equipment to do the work quickly. That is the only way to get a lot of work done quickly and make a living.

Those are just a few ideas for being thrifty and frugal, there are more blogs as always on the home page. Make saving money part of your life style ad it becomes habitual; it doesn’t mean not having a  nice home or stylish clothes. I shall have more frugal tips tomorrow!


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