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Farmville Paradise?


I don’t like the FarmVille Hawaiian paradise, it’s hard to plow and I have over 900 million coins so I’m not keen on buying stuff using coconuts!  They are planning FarmVille 2 now, but it won’t be any better unless they listen to players; like me! I have The Home Farm, Lighthouse Cove, the English Farm, the Winter Wonderland and now Hawaiian Paradise. I would like one that works well and makes sense. The change to widescreen doesn’t work too well some of it isn’t wide screen and doesn’t fit.

Zynga keeps changing things to try to sell more FV cash. They should try quality over quantity. Reading and writing data is too slow, crops wither while we wait. FarmVille is incredibly frustrating because it’s slow. It was a good game and could be again, but the guy that thought it up has left Zynga and now the bean counters appear to be asking for changes to try to make more money. I’m on level 1014 and have over 40,000 lots of fuel and can’t buy a damn combine for the new farm. That is ridiculous. I also hate how they expect us to beg neighbours and friends for help; some friends hate FarmVille and Zynga.

FarmVille 2 could be good, if players were allowed to make money by growing and selling crops and then buy stuff with it like houses, castles, pubs. They should get rid of begging neighbours for help. They should definitely get rid of bugging your friends to play when they obviously hate the bloody game. They have even put stuff in the way when we try to plow. What’s all that about? We could have a FarmVille village to go with the farms where the trading could take place.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas to improve FarmVille? Anything you really hate like the trading post? Please comment, Zynga are a load of arrogant money grabbers, but maybe someone will read my blog!

There are more FarmVille blogs and some tell you how to get to level 1000! Just search for FarmVille or look at the categories. There are also more blogs on the Home Page.


7 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Wow, that’s a lot of farms to keep up with. I quit about a year ago when I couldn’t keep up with my English Farm in addition to my home farm.

    I’m trying Hidden Chronicles now which is fun but you have to bug your neighbors for all kinds of stuff and I don’t have a lot of neighbors. I have a dozen unbuilt buildings on my estate because it takes so very many neighbors to finish it.

    But these games are free so I guess we can’t complain! 🙂

    5, May 2012 at 4:21 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I know, too many farms. I think I might have to suspend a few! They are free, but they could do so much better with game cards; especially this side of the pond. If they promised to do something nasty to the CEO of Zynga, I might buy a game card…

    5, May 2012 at 10:53 pm

    • Hey Mike, You’re a savvy investor. If you had an opportunity to buy Zynga stock would you jump at it or run in the other direction?

      6, May 2012 at 12:11 am

      • Hi Carolyn,

        No I wouldn’t buy Zynga stock or Facebook for that matter. I’m seeing Android gadgets starting to come out off China that I think are cool at a fraction of the price of Apple products and there is even a even a laptop with a detachable screen that is a tablet computer. I wouldn’t buy into Apple either. I am watching a company in China that makes a luxury brand of soya sauce though!

        6, May 2012 at 11:00 am

  3. Have you tried any other ‘City Builder’ type games Mike ?

    I recently bought the following on Amazon(£8)…
    Master Of Olympus(Zeus Gold).

    It’s set in Ancient Greece where you can build cities/industries while
    interacting with the heroes of mythology.

    Sounds boring; but is very addictive.
    It’s an old game but it still runs on Windows 7.

    One for the cold winter evenings.


    16, May 2012 at 5:59 am

    • Hi Bob,

      I used to play Simcity, that was a great game. I wish someone would bring that out again, it didn’t use flash and so it would load faster. Simple games are better, the original Scorched Earth was awesome! I used to play Icicle Works too and was on the last level, that was simple in design but extremely fast playing with a joystick. Game play has gone backwards not forwards.

      Thanks for visiting…

      16, May 2012 at 8:51 am

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