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Neodigital Art | Aging photos

FotoSketcher - Forge Mill Farmhouse

It was Bank Holiday in England yesterday and as is the tradition; it rained, persistently. I did lots of writing and edited photos. We did take a few photos on Sunday in Sot’s hole which is a nature reserve famed for it’s bluebells but the bluebells were lying flat washed out by the rain. I used the ‘vintage’ option on Fotosketcher to edit this photo of Forge Mill farmhouse and i think I have the right effect.

FotoSketcher - Forge Mill Farm

This is the same effect used on a photo of the bridge that leads to the farm.

FotoSketcher - The Manor House

This is a photo of the Manor House and the moat and it certainly looks old in this picture. I think it’s 13th century.

Vintage Milky

The technique seems to be more suitable for buildings than for nature shots. This is a photograph of the Milky Pool and it seems to work because there is a lot of contrast in the different colours and again it looks vintage.


Finally, a map! You can see where I live at ‘A’, near King’s Hill and the route to the canal. There is an entrance to Moorcroft Wood next to the canal. The rocket pool is also shown, they build houses around that and so it’s not so interesting. You can see the canals too and the open spaces. The river Tame runs past the large pool or lake in Woden Road South and south of there is the Millfields and the Milky Pool. I suspect that there was once a water mill at the Millfields. Where the river leaves the map at top right was the site of a water mill in the 18th century and they powered a forge before the age of steam arrived. The pool in Moorcroft Wood is the result of open cast coal mining and many of the other features are the result of mining too. Brunswick park and King’s Hill park are built on land where mining took place. The clay banks were landscaped and planted with trees. The river, canals and railway all powered the industrial revolution, but it was also powered by the sweat of the men that built it all and mined the coal.

I have also posted a Neodigital Art blog over on A Zillion Ideas, today. I used Smoothdraw to edit some of those photos with interesting results. 


14 responses

  1. Those photos are stunning. I’m impressed that you were able to get that effect. My favorite is the third picture with the moat. Breathe-taking.

    8, May 2012 at 8:24 pm

  2. Hi,

    I like this effect. I took a photo of a Victorian building today and removed two cars and a street sign; it look great!

    Thanks for the comment, try Fotosketcher, it’s cool.

    9, May 2012 at 12:10 am

  3. Hi Mike, Great photos! I agree, the third photo is my favorite but I’m not sure why. The exposure seems the best to me.

    Thanks for sharing these!

    10, May 2012 at 3:14 am

    • Hi Carolyn,

      There is so much to consider. I did another photo of a Victorian building that turned out great. These look really old and I think I like the Farmhouse best; but the Manor house is unusual and so might be more appealing to someone who hasn’t actually seen it.

      I think I’ll do more buildings like this and I have got better at retouching them now.

      Thanks for visiting.

      10, May 2012 at 8:57 am

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