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Neodigital Art | Making the most of June


I took this shot yesterday and the sun was quite low in the sky but we have to get out there when the rain stops! It’s pouring down as I write this so it was a good choice. The light was difficult because the sun was low in the sky. You can see the dark shadows despite the sun being bright and the sky fairly clear. It would be better to go out just after midday, but the shadows do tend to make the pictures more interesting. I did have to walk down the canal for a while to get the shot I wanted.


Part of the canal has been filled in and so it’s hard to tell now if this is part of the same canal. It seems to be getting greener as Spring begins to turn to summer.


I intended to go back to this location earlier in the day, but the sun was bright and so we tried it again. It makes for an interesting picture, but as the longest day approaches; I do want to try to get some shots early in the afternoon when the sun is high in the sky. You can get very interesting shots in the morning too, when the sun is in the East. I’m not a morning person…

This canal runs from Moorcroft Wood under the Metro (light rail system) and on to Toll End. There are still narrow boats at one point on the canal with people living in them.

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  1. Hi Mike, Wow, the sun looks very bright in those pictures. One thing that always amazes me is the difference in light between the lightest days and the darkest days in England. The difference isn’t just the amount of light, but the quality of light as well.

    How much can editing help correct your lighting challenges? Is it best to wait for good light if you can or risk missing the shot?

    Thanks for sharing these pictures and your advice with us, Mike!

    15, May 2012 at 9:27 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      The sun was bright and so it’s a challenge. Editing always helps, but in these pictures the grass looked too green, even though that was how it looked! The quality of light depends on the height of the sun in the sky and so the time of day and the time of year. Cloud too changes the light. I keep taking shots, with a digital camera we can just delete the really bad ones. I even take some into the sun, I took one of some steps on the canal just because it was a different access point over the canal and it tuned out to be a reasonable shot.

      Thanks for visiting and the tweet! 🙂

      15, May 2012 at 11:14 pm

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