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How to write a novel | perceptions


We all have different perceptions of our environment and of others. You write from your own particular viewpoint. I’ve given you another picture today, that might inspire you to be creative. Creativity can be a solitary pursuit, but it’s important to realise that you create for other people as well as yourself. You write, take photographs, create art, sing or dance. Others will have a perception of you based upon what you create, because it’s part of you; part of your personality.

Being creative is seen as being quite clever, it might be with words or pictures; it doesn’t mater which medium, just as long as people appreciate what you do. Most creative people feel they are following a path and it’s like that when you are writing a novel. You know where the path leads, it leads to the end of the novel and beyond that might be the process of getting it published. Sometimes the path is blocked, you can’t write or you have other things on your mind. It can be frustrating when other people seem to be standing in the way of your progress, even when it’s not really their fault. They just make demands upon your time, for example or the phone rings in the middle of an important sentence.

What do you do when the path to your creative destination is blocked? You take another path of course! You might be stopped in your tracks and have to take a while to get your bearings and plan a new route; but that is the proper and correct thing to do. Going back or giving up isn’t an option, we keep going to the end.

The way others perceive us is important and we should recognise that. We have a public persona as artists and writers and so have to be careful not to sully our reputations; so other areas of our lives are important too. What we do becomes a major topic of conversation and these days we have online conversations in the form of comments and tweets too. We do have to communicate what we are doing to others, just because they are interested and after all we are doing it as much, if not more, for them as ourselves.

We can build a reputation as an artist or writer as we indulge our creative urges and this can be useful if we want to sell or exhibit the work. As a writer we might want to publish the work for all to read and this can be through a blog like this one or we can go through the trials and tribulations of trying to get a publisher. Many writers self publish their novels these days and that is becoming more popular, especially publishing through POD (publish on demand) and publishing novels as eBooks for eReaders like the Kindle.

There are more opportunities now than ever, but there is also more competition with the vast array of opportunities the internet offers for doing research and for publishing. I think the millions of bloggers online at the moment will dwindle over the years and only the best will keep doing. I have seen signs of this already with the better writers confident in their ability and doing self hosted websites using WordPress. This brings me neatly on to mentioning the other blog I published today on a Zillion Ideas, that is how to write fiction and gives you some practical tips on how to use word power to create a fantasy the people will want to read.  So why not pop over there and pick up a few imaginative tips?

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