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One of those days…


I usually write about writing today or how to write a novel; but I’m having one of those days when things won’t go right. I’ve been trying to turn off the magnifier permanently on my laptop; it is a real pain. It keep coming  on and changing the size of text at odd times. I think I did something yesterday and now all the thumbnails for my photos have disappeared! It makes it hard to select photos for my blogs. I’ve tried the help files, they were no help at all. I tried the Microsoft site and that is useless too. I wish they would go back to the old days when we had a book to go with the operating system and a way of programming our computers that was easy.

Microsoft seems to want us to know less and less and be less and less productive. They want us to buy the latest version of Windows and Office, but they don’t want us to program unless we go on their course. I used to program in GWBasic and later in Quickbasic and then it went really complicated with Visual Basic and really expensive. That made Britain a nation of office workers rather than a nation of programmers. There appears to be plenty of people producing ‘apps’ for Facebook and smart phones; but not so much for Windows anymore.

I think the world is going to the dogs, maybe this is a symptom of the decline of Western countries and the beginning of the rise of countries in the Far East? I feel like giving up today and driving out to the countryside, armed with my camera and forgetting all about thumbnails and Windows.

Sandwell Valley isn’t too far away. I can go to Forge Mill Farm, it’s 7.3 miles down the M6 according to Google Maps. I’ll have to be careful or my Sat Nav might take me that way! If I go the way I usually go; through the God awful traffic calming, humps, roundabouts and chicanes; it’s only 4.3 miles. Apparently that will cost me £1.14 in petrol compared to £1.49 down the motorway and that’s just to get there. Technology and traffic calming can cost us a fortune in extra fuel costs if we aren’t careful.

Technology makes our lives easier and complicates them too. I have just been chatting to someone in China using Windows Live messenger, but can’t get my thumbnails to reappear! One day we will be talking to computers, that should be fun. Can you imagine all the questions they will ask us? I wouldn’t like to try explaining economics to a smart computer. It might ask why all economists tend to have different ideas! Explaining politics would be impossible, there is no logic at all to politics.

Today’s blog should be featured on The YamYam which is a local news website. If you’re local to me, please comment, especially if you’re a blogger. There aren’t too many writers and artists in the Black Country. The Black Country used to produce bigger things and was known more for industry than artistic pursuits.

I think I’ll give up now and head for Sandwell Valley. There is lots to do there, 2 farms open to the public, lakes, a couple of parks and the river. I’ll be doing my thrifty blog tomorrow and so will be looking for bargains; we have to be thrifty and frugal until the computers take over!

I did write a blog about writing fiction and doing research over on a Zillion Ideas, so why not pop over there?

5 responses

  1. Claire Cappetta

    I remember using a BBC computer, it used to crash constantly. Now I’m showing my age! lol

    23, May 2012 at 2:15 pm

  2. Hi Claire,

    I had a Commodore with great games. I now have my thumbnails back! I did a restore. I have related articles too, everything was going wrong earlier! I still haven’t been out, but there is still time. If I go early evening, I miss the school run and it will be cooler.

    Thanks for visiting…

    23, May 2012 at 4:41 pm

  3. I was never a programmer, however I have had one-of-those-days. Hope your day gets better!

    24, May 2012 at 1:49 am

  4. Also, beautiful photo!

    24, May 2012 at 1:54 am

  5. Hi Crystal,

    Thanks for the comments. I never did get out to the countryside, but maybe I’ll make it today! It’s not so sunny today but the forecast is for another nice day. I managed to get my thumbnails back for my photos yesterday but the magnifier defies all efforts to disable it! I’m writing about credit cards and shopping this morning, whatever happens, the writing goes on!

    Thanks for visiting…

    24, May 2012 at 10:04 am

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