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It looks very much like the Great British Summer is here, but how long will it last? I think there is time to germinate a few seeds. Runner beans are easy to grow and I am always amazed at how well they crop. I also intend to start some lettuce seed and tomato seeds off later today. I bought some French beans seeds from Aldi, but need some runner bean seed and so I’ll pop out and buy some later. I mentioned how getting your 5 fruit and vegetables a day can prevent some nasty diseases in yesterday’s thrifty blog. You can save money and stay healthy by growing your own.

You can grow all kinds of salad from seed. I will be sowing seed in meat trays that I’ve saved. I did buy a bag of compost from Aldi for 1.99, but I also make my own with garden and kitchen waste. Waste will compost down and make for a rich soil that will be suitable for growing just about anything. Don’t waste your waste! There are lots of dwarf trees now for growing all kinds of fruit. I have a couple of apple trees that are over 50 years old and it’s hard to pick the apples because they are high up. I bought a ladder last year and will be climbing up that in August and September trying to pick the best of the apples! Apples grown in the garden can be stored through the winter and taste delicious, nothing like the ones from the supermarket. The same goes for  most food from the garden, the tomatoes will smell like tomatoes and have  a mouth watering smell that will have you eating salads all summer.

You will find growing you own quite challenging, you will have two enemies, weeds and bugs! The runner beans will need to be weeded and you have to watch out for slugs eating them and I have been invaded by black fly a few times. I bought a garden spray cheap from Aldi that will be useful for spraying the runner beans. Malathion is a useful insecticide to combat black fly and many other bugs. I like to use slug traps to catch slugs. I use bottles with a little fermenting beer in them to attract and catch slugs. They seem to die happy! You can use slug pellets, but I try not to use those where the food is growing.

If you regularly buy flowers, you can also consider growing your own. Herbs are also great to grow because they are so useful for adding flavour to food. Why not try your hand at drying herbs and filling up jars full of dried herbs like basil for the winter; that will save a few quid! You can grow herbs on your windowsill too, how about using a window box for a herb garden?

There are lots of gardening blogs and gardening websites and so I’m not going to go into too much detail about how to grow your own. The first step is to germinate your seeds and for that you need compost that is warm and moist. The weather here today is certainly warm and so I just need to keep watering my seed trays to keep them moist and the seeds should germinate quite quickly. When the seedlings are a few inches high you can carefully lift them by holding them by a leaf (not the stalk) and then move them to a pot or plant them in the prepared ground. Runner bean seeds can be started off in pots and when they’re about 6 inches high planted out so they will grow up canes and give you veggies through the summer.

I wrote a blog about how to become an expert winemaker and that was posted on a Zillion Ideas, this morning. You can save a fortune by growing some food and making your own wine! Why not click share and share this blog with your Facebook friends?

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  1. Mike ~~ I love your blog 🙂

    25, May 2012 at 1:34 pm

    • Hi De-ette,

      It does grow on you. I hope you had chance to look around.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      25, May 2012 at 6:59 pm

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