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Bluebells and Buttercups.


It’s another sunny day in England. I have just been in the garden doing a bit of pruning. I nearly took photos of the bluebells, I have better ones than they have in Bluebell Wood. I have lots of wild flowers, I wonder if I should take a few and plant in the woods? That’s a nature reserve and they only have a few wilted bluebells. I’ve got tiny lilac flowers that look like they could be rare orchids. I have tiny pink flowers too, I wonder what they are? I do know the common ones, the dandelions and the daisies. The bluebells and buttercups look the best. I piled all the cutting from the fuchsia that I pruned in a pile to burn them, but that will be difficult because that’s where all the rare flowers are growing. I wonder if the BBC would like to make a programme about my garden?

I’ve been meaning to go to a nature reserve every day this week and didn’t get around to it. If we want them to look nice we do have to give nature a helping hand and chop down grass and stuff. I also want to go shopping for vacuum cleaner bags and for a few things from the supermarket. I have to negotiate a lot of traffic calming where ever I go. I drove past Moxley Island a couple of weeks ago and all the traffic lights were on green, we counted them; six sets we went through all on green. I nearly reported it to the Pope so it could be declared a miracle. That bit of greenery in the picture is sort of hidden away, I put the postcode into my sat nav and it guided me over speed humps; around there they are ridiculous. I wonder why, the more deprived an area is, the higher the speed humps are? I wonder if it’s anything to do with them owning a lot of horses and carts around there? The locals all know where I went now; I’m not saying. I’ll be accused of discrimination or something. They don’t need extra high speed humps around there; they need literacy and numeracy classes!

It’s a Superdraw on the National Lottery tonight in the UK. The forecast for the jackpot is 14.9 millions which made me curious. When it’s a double rollover they can declare a 15 millions superdraw; I wonder why they haven’t this time. You need 15 million to live well these days with your money constantly being devalued by the Bank of England printing more of the stuff. The pound has actually gone up against the Euro and the US dollar, they must be in a worse state than we are. I want to win tonight, I’ve made a start; I’ve bought a ticket!

I’ve just realised that this blog will be published on Sunday morning. I am actually eating my cornflakes and boiled egg and thinking about lunch now. I am thinking about lunch, but it’s still Saturday, this is the miracle of modern technology. I can schedule this blog to publish itself tomorrow. The reason I’m writing this in advance is I can check it for mistakes and edit, then schedule it; then in the morning, I can go shopping at Aldi if I want to.

There are lots of places I can go tomorrow to take photos in the sunshine. The canals, lots of them around here. Moorcroft Wood and the parks; lots of those too. Then there are the nature reserves, including Sheepwash near Dudley and Sandwell Valley;  Merrion’s Wood at Walsall is really good.  I think it will be a drive around, starting with the pools and then down to Sandwell Valley to Forge Mill lake and farm;  then maybe onto Merrion’s Wood. Wherever you are, you are bound to have something worth looking at and photographing. Nature provides us with a world of wonder, even the wild flowers in my garden. I could open it to the public and call it Bluebells and Buttercups! I could charge for a scenic tour! I must start scenic tours of the Black Country for wealthy tourists; please comment if you would like to be number one!

I read something this morning about people buying foreign currency for their holidays. Why do they go overseas when the weather is so great here? To catch more exotic diseases than we have? They bring back postcards of the beach, I don’t see the attraction. I get people who live in exotic places and speak exotic languages telling me they want to come here after seeing my photographs. The grass is always greener somewhere else though; especially if you live in the desert!

Since I took up photography I’ve become really aware of how light is reflected off things and different colours. The sky is clear and blue this morning, but a different shade of blue in the South compared to the North. My bluebells will be in the shade for most of the day which could explain why they are doing  so well and like to grow in shaded woodland…

Thanks for reading, do comment and there are more amazing blogs over on a Zillion Ideas.

6 responses

  1. I enjoyed this post- nature does indeed provide us with a world of wonder! I absolutely love our local bluebell woods and I get all of my life inspiration from nature.

    Thank you very much for the link to my blog, really appreciate it.


    27, May 2012 at 9:42 am

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for the comment. Sorry if I’m slow approving it. I actually got to Sandwell Valley today and took lots of photos! 🙂

    27, May 2012 at 5:03 pm

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