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The Black Country Rain Dance


This afternoon the flotilla of boats will go up the Thames as part of the Jubilee celebrations; all broadcast by the BBC. It’s costing over ten million pounds and there will be over 1,000 vessels and 10,000 flowers. The BBC never come here to televise our Bank holiday rain dances do they? They were dancing naked over the allotments this morning to get a bit of practice in. You should see the size of their cucumbers already!

All the dancing is set to stop on Tuesday though, they have a fishin’ contest down the canal. I might pop down Sandwell Valley again and take a few pictures, if the sun comes out. That’s Sandwell Valley in the picture near the crematorium…

The Express and Star is covering some of the parties and stuff this weekend. There are Jubilee lunches, apparently.

Jubilee to ‘starve economy of a day’s work’

That’s the headline on the Financial Times website article. Economists are analysing what effect all the celebrating is doing to the economy. They would be better off doing some work for a change instead…

I just read this Tweet:

One can confirm that one Royal Flotilla will sail down the Thames and onto France, where we’ll fire a few warning shots at the continent.

Smile with tongue out

We’re really into the Internet in the Black Country, we had eYam before eMail and eBooks were even invented!

An Express and Star reporter in London has Tweeted an appeal for warm socks; it’s a cold feet day with all the rain. They should have stayed in the Black Country and covered the rain dancing. If your feet get cold up the allotments, you shove them in a pile of compost and they soon warm up…

The council suggested that they change the name of the Black Country Rain Dance to the Gay Rain Dance, so that the BBC would cover and televise the event. It’s bad enough having old age pensioners prancing around the allotments without encouraging them to indulge in rude behaviour. There’s no toilets on the allotments and that leads to less than desirable behaviour after they’ve had a drink.

French Open Tennis 2012

While the BBC shows Songs of Praise and the Thames Pageant, ITV 1 is showing over 8 hours of tennis from France. I hope they put plenty of adverts on to wake the viewers up from time to time…

At lunchtime on Channel Four they have a double bill of the Big Bang Theory. That’ll be another gay programme.

There are some politicians on a ship today. It could sink, we live in hope…

Is there another Bank holiday for the Olympics? I’ll need to warn the Rain Dance committee…

Smile with tongue out

It was Derby Day yesterday, the queen was there of course. I often wonder who all the people are who go to all these horse race meetings, golf tournaments, formula one racing, cricket matches, soccer matches and that big party in Battersea park this weekend. They must have a few bob to waste, they always seem so well dressed too. I suppose they keep the people who make funny hats in jobs though.

Smile with tongue out

I just read there are now 120,000 French people living in London who need more French schools. They are to get their own MP to represent their interests in the French parliament. They call themselves French Londoners. We need more French teachers, French chefs, French interpreters and French maids to look after them all. That will create a few jobs…

Smile with tongue out

5 responses

  1. (I’m sure Camilla would be patron of your rain dance committee if you asked her. She looks as though she’d love to get out of those wet clothes)


    3, June 2012 at 12:49 pm

    • Hi Myfanwy,

      I’m not sure if we want to see that though… I haven’t done much today, when the sunshine comes back I’ll have to choose writing or photography. It will be the former in the mornings and latter in the afternoons! 🙂

      3, June 2012 at 2:28 pm

  2. Great blog, are there really 120,000 French people in London?

    4, June 2012 at 9:47 pm

    • Hi, Yes I think so; there used to be 200,000 so I think the numbers are going down!

      4, June 2012 at 11:59 pm

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