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Neodigital Art | Changing scenes

Moorcroft Wood - The Sanna

Neodigital Art is about taking good photos and editing them to produce art. I can’t do that with every shot, but I have managed some interesting and artistic shots in Moorcroft Wood. This is the Sanna, a pool in Moorcroft Wood. It is the result of open cast coal mining. This was taken last summer.

The Sanna 8 April 2012

This was taken more recently and you can see how it’s changed and lost a lot of the water. It makes for a more interesting scene and I think it’s more artistic.

The Sanna, Moorcroft Wood

This picture is similar, but I managed to get the tree in the foreground and it gave it a lot more depth, the editing brought out the texture of the bark on the tree.

The Sanna in Spring 2012

I remember the day I took this because the sun came out briefly. I also remember getting caught up in an anglers line! Beyond those trees to the left is the canal, but farther down there is another huge hole that was once filled with water too and a smaller one beyond that. I think the Sanna was once much larger. There is a map at the entrance to Moorcroft Wood that shows three pools, but now there is only one and that is drying up.

The Sanna May 2012

It looks better in this photo because this is the most recent one. This is taken from the other side of the Sanna and you can now see the trees in Moorcroft Wood are green, but despite record rain in April the Sanna continues to dry up. I suspect the water is going somewhere. In the past, pools and small lakes have dried up when excavation work or mining is going on close by. There is some excavation work not far away and so maybe when that’s finished the pool with return to normal. Some of the other pools that we photograph are fed by rivers or drainage, but I think the Sanna just relies on rainwater from the woodland when it rains.

You can not only do something artistic by taking photographs of the same place at different times and different times of year; you also record history. There are more amazing blogs over on a Zillion Ideas. I’ll be posting another Neodigital Art blog over there today too.


13 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Of course I like all of you photos. It’s so interesting how different the lake looks in each one.

    I think the last one is the most interesting because of the color of the water and the white sky. A setting for a science fiction novel, perhaps?

    6, June 2012 at 10:21 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      That last shot was unexpected, if it had been late afternoon, the sun would have been behind the trees, but I got that shot while it was still high in the sky. It is amazing how they all keep on changing. It’s always worth going back and looking for changes. I think all these pics could be the opening shot for a sci fi movie! 🙂

      6, June 2012 at 11:45 pm

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