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FarmVille Frustrations

Farmville Billionaire

It’s been a while since I have written a FarmVille blog. I have come close to giving it up all together, it is so frustrating. They have one aim at Zynga and that is to sell you FV cash. As you can see from the picture, I have over a billion coins and another billion in cows! Fuel is very important in FarmVille and if you don’t have enough you end up harvesting one plot at a time. I was doing that on the Hawaiian Paradise farm. That was slow! I put the damn thing on pause and left it to rot. I still have four farms. Home Farm, English Countryside, Winter Wonderland and this one; Lighthouse Cove. It takes ages to load each farm and so travelling between them is frustrating.

I’m on level 1030 so I’m not doing so bad; I have 50,000 lots of fuel; that will last a while. Storage for bushels is only 300 and that was for 5 farms and so it is easier now I have paused that Hawaiian Paradise. I have 75 per farm instead of 60 for each farm. I can grow blackberries over 4 hours to make blackberry wine, or raspberries over two hours without running out of storage so much. I hate that damn silo too, always needing emptying.

When I try to load Farmville it always asks me if I want to give gifts to my friends, it’s so slow. I don’t have the time for all this crap! Clicking the ‘share’ button also makes the game more frustrating. We also have the craft shop which again is incredibly slow and frustrating; don’t click share for God’s sake. I have to use it, I’m always short of farmhands to harvest my dairies. I have just about upgraded the combine harvester on this farm, that was frustrating and took months.

The answer of course is for Zynga to email me and ask me to write reports about how Farmville could be improved, made more interactive and totally less frustrating. They could sponsor my blog too! It obviously needs to be made more interesting and more social with interaction. Having farms linked up to villages and linked to other farms would be good. They need ideas from players, not programmers.

Smile with tongue out

We have that Jade Falls now that they want us to pay to preview. I am not paying real money to preview that. I have four farms and with the pop ups and the constant shortage of storage, I have enough frustrations. I also hate how you harvest crops and it say you ‘found’ 160 bushels of blackberries! Found? I didn’t bloody find them, I planted and harvested the bloody things. I can store 400 bushels and now 160 of them are blackberry. I harvest my bloody grapes and they go to waste because my stalls are full! I’ve given up on the greenhouse, what a waste of space. I hate placement mode too, I just got stuck with placing a ‘gopher garden’ and I had no room for it as usual.

The craft shop is slow and frustrating too. You can pop out and do your Christmas shopping while you’re waiting for something to load in the craft shop. Don’t click share for God’s sake. 

The time it takes to grow some crops is frustrating too. I can’t grow crops that take 16 hours unless I plant them late in the day. I play early in the morning and many crops take 12 hours, that’s not good for young people who tend to get up late and need more sleep. Who wants to play FarmVille late at night when they’re tired?

Do you find FarmVille frustrating? Do comment and you can also search the blog or click the Farmville tag to find more amazing blogs about Farmville. I have written a few times about the trick with dairies and the belted cows to get lots of coins. Not everyone has dairies though. Frustrating…


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  1. Hi Mike, I feel your pain. I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of giving up on Farmville. I still have my farms, but I don’t play anymore.

    I’m playing Hidden Chronicles, which is a very fun hidden pictures game. But it really is dependent on getting friends to help you with buildings. I had a few friends, then three quit out of frustration.

    Now I’m playing on Zynga, which has a stream of others who are playing so you can connect with them and grab things. But it’s still way too much emphasis on connecting with others.

    I agree with you, Zynga should consult with players, not programmers.

    9, June 2012 at 7:33 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I play just so I can keep my readers happy, so many play FarmVille; but I feel I have to speak out for them. I think soon I’ll put most farms on hold. I won’t play other Zynga games I’m told the pop ups are even worse!

    Thanks for popping in… I’m hoping to take photos tomorrow, I think the rain has finally stopped! 🙂

    9, June 2012 at 11:59 pm

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