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Thrifty Thursday | Downgrading


If you want to save money on food, you can downgrade and go to a budget supermarket. You can however, continue to use the same one if it’s close to your home, but consider different products. There are premium brands and there are budget brands and you can save as much as 30% by switching from premium to budget. I have tried own brand or budget brands of things like salad cream and ketchup and they’re virtually the same. You don’t switch if the premium brand is on offer of course. I had Heinz salad cream and ketchup from Poundland discounted on the usual price.

Even things like eggs and chicken can be various prices. Eggs can be new laid and free range and all the same size or you can have budget eggs that are all different sizes and 15 for £1.25. You can have chicken at £2.00 a kilo or double that price depending how much meat is on the bones! Even in discount supermarkets you have to look carefully, the chicken legs are often £2.00 a kilo but drumsticks and thighs can be as much as 50% more. Take a look at other things too like detergent, unless you are washing very dirty clothes the budget detergents are just as good.

I wanted some diced pork for stir fry, they haven’t had any in the discount supermarkets and so I checked online and compared Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda. Tesco was the most expensive and 80p a kilo more expensive than Asda; Sainsbury’s who are usually the most expensive was cheapest! Will I buy from Sainsbury’s? No, it’s an  8 mile round trip and even at a quiet time it would cost about £1.50 in petrol. I would be better going to Asda which I pass on the way to Aldi. Aldi will have some thing at a lower price than Asda and so it’s worth going for the bargains and only a mile further on than Asda.

You can also save by stocking upon food so you don’t need to do ‘top up’ shopping in the middle of the week. I usually need more shopping because I like fresh fruit and vegetables; so I am trying to use frozen vegetables now and I look for bananas that are green and won’t ripen too quickly.

You can also save money on food by cutting down on cooked and processed food. You can cook it yourself and save money and make your own cook in sauces and curry sauces. Even making barbecue sauce isn’t exactly rocket science. You can buy those large round loaves of bread, slice then horizontally and toast the slices to make French bread pizza. You just put your normal toppings on, much cheaper and nutritious than buying pizza.

You can also downgrade on other things. Do you really need designer clothes. I had tee shirts from Matalan for £4.00 and they don’t have a designer logo but are good quality. I also had Pierre Cardin boxers, 2 for £10 from Matalan which is cheaper than most other places and I like them a little better than the Easy brand that were 3 for £9.00; but I’m not too fussy! Sometimes you can get a bargain on clothes by buying a few items. I had jeans from Asda that were 2 pairs for £5.00; so I had 4 pairs and they will last a while. I have some Wrangler too that look a little smarter, but most of the time I have no reason to look smarter!

You can also look at own brand shampoo, shower gel and other products and look to stock up when premium brands are on special offer.

If you work out how much switching brands costs you over a year you might be surprised. Consider too swapping from buying on ‘interest free’ credit to a discount store like Matalan or for more expensive items look for sales at stores like Curry’s.

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  1. We have Waitrose and Sainsbury’s – nothing else! They are opposite each other, so comparing is easy. All the others are about 10/12 miles away, so aren’t worth the petrol. Both refund parking, too, so that’s the same as out of town supermarkets. I don’t buy Heinz – not matter how cheap it is! I think I’ll reblog it today on my current blog!

    14, June 2012 at 11:53 am

    • Hi Myfanwy,

      I live in a deprived area and so have a choice of Morrison’s and Asda about a mile away, then there is Lidl and Aldi about 2 miles away. Tesco I think is 2.5 miles and Sainsbury’s is too far unless I’m going there for something else. I think you have to make the most of buy 2 and buy 3 to get them cheaper when you don’t have much choice and look for the value lines. Checking prices online is good too, although Morrison’s have a useless website and Aldi and Lidl aren’t much better. I didn’t know you could reblog on Blogspot. I used Blogspot, but like WordPress better. I like Heinz, but only bought them because they were a pound in Poundland! They will last me for at least 6 months, salad cream goes off before I manage to use it all sometimes.

      14, June 2012 at 12:51 pm

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