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This week near West Brom…

Black Country New Road

The road in the picture is the Black Country New Road. Notice the traffic lights, that’s a pelican crossing and a bit farther on there’s a speed camera. Do we really need to spend money on such things in these austere times? A little farther down that same road on the stretch from Wednesbury to Moxley island, Sandwell council appears to be trying out a new traffic calming idea. There are lights and the kerb juts out at Moxley Island; but before you get there, we have pot holes. Yes, potholes all the way from Wednesbury to Moxley, aided and abetted by manholes that either stick up in the road or are in a hole. This idea isn’t very successful yet, but wait until those holes are a bit deeper; that’ll slow the buggers down…

Next week, Ken Clarke, Andy Burnham and Len McCluskey join David Dimbleby in West Bromwich for Question Time. They might discuss this idea; it could be introduced down south. They have problems down there, no children’s homes apparently. If you need your kids taken into care, because you happen to be dead or something, you have to send then up north to a private children’s home. It will probably be owned by your MP, not that he will admit to that, it will be run by northerners who are the salt of the earth, of course. We love children nearly as much as our beer, up here. If you don’t fancy sending your kids up north to Newcastle, you can always leave them in the pub…

They have great ideas for saving a few bob down south, one is sending homeless people to Walsall to live… Even I don’t fancy living in parts of Walsall. I don’t think they meant the posh parts…

Smile with tongue out

“As the law stands, individuals can be the subject of scurrilous rumour and allegation on the web with little meaningful remedy against the person responsible.

Website operators are in principle liable as publishers for everything that appears on their sites, even though the content is often determined by users.”

Now there is something they can discuss on Question Time next week; there are lots of Website operators in West Brom. I wonder which dozy git said that?

Smile with tongue out

It seems the Bank of England is going to lend the banks 80 billion to lend to ‘us’. I wonder where they will get it from and who is ‘us’? Will they turn on the quantitatively eased printing presses again? 

Sad smile

It seems I might be blogging about the wrong things, this 9 year old took photos of her school meals and blogged about that. It raised 16,000 for charity. Well done kid! She got banned from taking photos by the council, as you would, but it seems all is politically correct and forgiven now. You can read her blog, here. 


I wish it would stop raining…

Smile with tongue out

It seems every country in the world is in debt, I wonder who they are all in debt to? There are many ways to create wealth, you can make things, cars, phones, clothing and even music and films. You have to maintain what you have, the houses, roads, hospitals and environment. The means of exchanging all these things is money. The Bank of England can print money, but roads, houses and hospitals aren’t being maintained and new ones aren’t being built. Few films are being made in the UK, I can’t even think of a decent British singer. We don’t appear to make enough things either, we have to import them and lots of other things. We don’t even produce enough food to eat. But it’s all OK, Mervyn King at the Bank of England says it’s just a ‘black cloud’. The 80 billion they are going to lend the rich will probably help us weather the ‘storm’. That and letting our roads, schools, hospitals and housing to go to the dogs.

Smile with tongue out

I think the whole culture of this country is going to the dogs actually.  There are lots of blogs on my newer site, a Zillion Ideas. You might want to subscribe to that site and ‘follow’ the blogs. If I lived in a more enterprising country, I would have people queuing up to write for that site. They would be writing amazing blogs with photos about everything from school meals to canteen lunches. As it is I do most of the writing and photography, but I do have a guest blog today; so pop over there and read about changing purchasing habits


I wish it would stop raining….

Smile with tongue out


2 responses

  1. If you think the roads in West Brom are bad, near me, loads of streets were resurfaced recently. Now the gas are digging them up again.

    16, June 2012 at 9:24 am

  2. Hi Nick,

    The Black Country Route is OK until you get to Moxley and you cross the border into Sandwell and it all goes to the dogs. They like to re-surface and then dig them all up again to put humps down too! You can’t make it up can you?

    Thanks for popping in, I’m on a roll this week. I just wrote a blog for tomorrow. There is a rumour it might stop raining! 🙂

    16, June 2012 at 11:52 am

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