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The Black Country Season

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The London Season

It’s all go in London, after the excitement of the Queen’s official birthday. People turned out to watch the trooping of the colour and waved their flags and took up the customary grovelling positions. Some of them were hoping that, if they sucked up enough, they would get a gong in the birthday honours list. We have a season here in the Black Country. Last night the London set, went to the Hampton Court Palace Festival to partake in champagne and canapés, be entertained by the likes of Jools Holland and end the evening with a really, really expensive firework display.  Up Tipton there was bingo and karaoke. The Tipton set celebrated with Banks mild  and prawn cocktail crisps. Entertainment was by an Elvis lookalike from Prince’s End.

The gentlemen of London watched the cricket at the Rose bowl yesterday, here they watched the match on the big screen down the pub. This week the London set will go to Ascot for the racing and champagne. Here in the Black Country there’s a church fete in Darlo. Exciting or what?  The gentry of the Black Country had a good night out at Monmore Green dog track last night and on Monday afternoon it’s free admission, so they’ll be putting on their best trilbies to attend that.

Other events for the London set include opera at Glyndebourne, the Proms and of course the theatre. In the Black Country we have the bingo, karaoke and the Wednesbury carnival is a big event. There are various beauty contests around the Black Country when young ladies are presented to the public. In London they get the champagne out, yet again and have debutant balls. I had a friend who wanted to enter Miss Tipton. But she wouldn’t let him…

Smile with tongue out

There are other events for the London set, the boat race, Henley Royal regatta, polo, Wimbledon, Cowes week and of course the test match at Lords. Then other odd things that one is expected to attend like the Chelsea flower show and one should pop up to Liverpool for the Grand National. In the Black Country, we have the odd barbecue, flag waving parties when people do strange things and of course the Sun readers festival. One should also remember the school fetes and garden parties, sports days and parents nights; these can be bleeding fascinating…

The Queen rode in a closed carriage yesterday because it looked like rain again. They do that sort of thing around Tipton, they mostly have their horse and traps; carts are more for tatters. You might have heard of the Grand Order of Tipton Tatters.

In London they have the National Gallery and the Houses of Parliament; in Sandwell we have the Public and the Civic centre in Oldbury. They have the M25, we have the M6. They have the underground, we have the Metro. They have the Thames, we have the canals… They have Harley Street, we have Pinfold Street (Darlo). They have St James Park, we have Walsall Arboretum; it will be nice when it’s eventually finished. They have the O2 arena, we have Wolverhampton Civic Hall… They have Buckingham Palace, we have the Black Country Living Museum… They have the House of Commons, we have Dudley Zoo…

Smile with tongue out

We don’t have a stock market in the Black Country, we do have bric-a-brac markets though. I bet we have more traffic calming in the Black Country. We have better soccer teams too, the baggies are much better than Chelsea, so I’m told. We have racing drivers, I’ve seen them on the Black Country route! We have international food, you can buy anything here, mostly Asian, but we have American fast food too. We have lots of historic houses, most of them are around Darlo…

Smile with tongue out

The thing I don’t understand is that all that stuff in London gets televised on the BBC, but why don’t they televise things from the Black Country? We pay our TV licences. Well, some of us do…

Smile with tongue out

I’m actually getting to know all the bloggers in the Black Country now; both of them… You can read more blogs on a Zillion Ideas. If you have an idea, want to write a blog, have something to say or just want to read ideas; let me know and subscribe to my blogs. I have now posted 300 blogs on this site and 100 on a Zillion Ideas and over 400 photos. That’s 200,000 words! A website sold for millions again this week, it was one of the London set yet again; but we live in hope in the Black Country.


5 responses

  1. There’s nothing the people of Darlaston love more on a Saturday night than popping down to watch the traffic lights change at the Bull Stake and then on to Middleton’s for a fish supper, bostin !

    17, June 2012 at 9:15 am

  2. Hi Keith,

    I hate those bloody traffic lights! I got caught on the Walsall Road again the other day and had to do a detour around past the Asda. I remember when there was a roundabout there, we didn’t have a problem then. Mind you years ago, no one in Darlo could afford a car apart from the doctors. Now they have to travel miles to a job centre and the old labour exchange lies empty. Darlo had a social security office at one time. They built a health centre where the Regal cinema use to be. The only cinema now is down Bentley Mill Way; otherwise known as the Black Hole of Calcutta!

    17, June 2012 at 9:33 am

  3. London … Or Walsall? London may have Nelson’s Column, but do they have a concrete hippo in their town centre? No, they don’t.

    17, June 2012 at 9:50 am

  4. Hi Nick,

    We have a horse in Wednesbury. They say it has 6 legs but I suspect that it has 8 legs. It has 4 at the front and so if it had 4 at the back that would make 8. I can’t see the back legs. You can’t see any of it unless you’re on the Metro station or the Black Country New Road.

    I saw narrowboats on the canal today going through the locks up Tipton! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting. Keep up the good work, bloggers are as rare as chicken’s teeth around here…

    17, June 2012 at 7:42 pm

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