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Thrifty Thursday | savings

Stir fry

I haven’t been shopping yet this week, but intend to go to both Asda and Aldi. I need something to do stir fry with. I would prefer diced pork, but will make do with bacon if I have to! I had peaches from Aldi last week they are part of their super six. The super six this week are apples, oranges, peaches, cherries, bananas and cantaloupe melon. They are all 69p each. The peaches are delicious and the bananas are OK. I tried apples but they tasted like cardboard. Comment if you have tried the cherries!

They have rice in Aldi and Lidl for 40p a kilo and so I can use that to cook my stir fry. I can cook it now! I wash it in a sieve, put a cup full in  saucepan and add a cup of boiling water and simmer for 5 minutes with the lid on. It doesn’t matter if it’s not cooked enough, it’s going to be stir fried and I want it to soak up the oils, fats and soya sauce.

They have strawberry plants at Aldi that might be worth buying and planting now, 6 for 2.99. My plan to grow lettuces isn’t going so well, I’ll plant more lettuces and beans if there is a break in the rain. I need slug traps too!

The good news this week is that petrol and diesel prices have dropped. I have seen petrol at 127.9 a litre. The service station without the queue was 130.9, but for how long ? It seems the Bank of England might be set for more quantitative easing, which could make imports more expensive and the money in our pockets worth less.

I read some government minister want to change GCSE exams in school and make them more like the old GCE exams. They were passed by people with good memories and you do need a good memory to be an effective liar. I hated the trick questions and the purely academic nature of it all; but I have not exactly been a fan of comprehensive education either. I think any system devised by civil servants and politicians is bound to be a failure. They could take the magic out of Hogwarts  

Today’s post is a bit short and so why not pop over to a Zillion ideas and find out about becoming an expert winemaker; that could save you a few quid. There are also more blogs on the home page.

A final thought… If a family of four get their 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day; that’s 620 portions, some months. Maybe they should buy some fruit trees and grow veggies?

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