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Finance Friday | Being British

Forge Mill Lake

If the price of food keeps going up, I can see the geese in the picture ending up in people’s pots or even ending up as goose curry. There appears to less of them than there were last summer anyway. I’m told their numbers go down around Christmas too. I keep seeing union flags and English flags everywhere. The former for the Jubilee and the latter because of the soccer. The Bank of England seems on the verge of printing more money with it’s quantitative easing program. A number of executives are about to get even bigger bonuses. Some celebrities have revealed their tax avoidance schemes. Austerity still rules for the ordinary people. Even the doctors have been on strike; so I hear. The ruling classes have donned their top hats and funny hats in order to enjoy the champagne and horse racing at Royal Ascot. I’m proud to be bleeding British…

The stock market is very unstable, influenced by negative events in the Eurozone, but quantitative easing could send it up again. I have a list of shares that I follow the fortunes of and they are all green this morning. One is up 40% this morning, which makes me very suspicious. If I owned them I would sell, take the money and run! The English weather doesn’t help us mere mortals to be any happier, but every cloud has a silver lining. It’s also raining at Royal Ascot, with any luck.

I wonder if I could invest my money in a company in China, then they could lend it back to me, tax free. They could send me free samples of food and pay for my holidays. I could be their British representative (with expenses) and have a company car too. Then I wouldn’t have to worry would I? I happen to know someone who has just started a new business in China.

I sometimes wish I could go self sufficient, keep a few ducks and geese, grow my own food. I could run my central heating on logs and the car on methane gas from the compost heap; but life isn’t that easy. In the 21st century rat race, we have to be grateful to live relatively stress free. I don’t have to go to Ascot, so I don’t need a new hat, so I don’t need petrol to get there. I’m not that keen on champagne anyway. I might get me a bottle of beer when I’m in the supermarket. Do they enjoy their champagne, more than I enjoy a beer? No, bloody impossible!

If you didn’t receive an invitation to the Royal box at Ascot and need to save a few quid. You might like to pop over to a Zillion Ideas where I have blog on how to become a winemaking expert. I haven’t explained how to make champagne yet, but you can make a decent plonk cheap, for your Saturday night karaoke barbecue. There is also a blog today about sticking to a frugal diet; save money and lose weight.


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