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How to write blogs


For the benefit of local readers, yes the picture is junction 9 of the M6 motorway. It was taken when there was a break in the rain! The traffic light were on red as usual. It is important when I write a blog to start it with something interesting, try to tease the reader to click the link to read the rest of the page. Are you teased enough yet? Maybe, I should mention sex? I mentioned testosterone in my blog on a Zillion Ideas today. That’s a sex hormone! That blog is about how our emotions affect our hormones and vice versa.

That is the first paragraph out of the way, I must have teased you enough; you’re reading on. It was the word sex, wasn’t it?

Smile with tongue out

Writing humour is difficult, this blog is read in 80 different countries and cultures and not everyone has the same sense of humour. A lot of humour is also making fun of someone or something and so you have to be careful. If it’s innuendo and the object of your fun is a celebrity or someone who can take it, it’s more acceptable. If you make fun of yourself too, then it is clear that it is humour rather than just a nasty dig at someone famous.

Many people write a blog a week or twice a week. I think less than that and it will take you a long time to get good at it. It’s like driving, operating all the controls becomes automatic after a while and you can concentrate on the driving. Writing a blog is very similar, get the punctuation, typing and grammar perfect and you can concentrate on the subject matter. The construction also becomes a matter of practice, as I head towards the last paragraph in this blog; I know that has to be a conclusion and the conclusion is important. It is the last thing the reader reads before moving on and so it should make a lasting impression and hopefully when they move on, they will stay on this site!

I think the length of a blog is important too, I intend about 500 words today and so I’m well past half way! I think WordPress is a good option if you are writing a blog for the first time. I use Windows Live Writer and then simply upload the blog as a draft when I have finished it. You can also put WordPress on your own web space as I have done with a Zillion Ideas. There is a lot to learn before you do that, but you then have your own site that you can monetize and make more valuable as you build up a readership. You can add advertising and affiliates or simply try to create something of value, as I am trying to do.

In conclusion, writing a successful blog takes a lot of practice, I’ve written over 600. It’s not about just making the blog look good, although that helps. It’s about writing something that people want to read and will be interested enough in to subscribe and keep coming back for more. You have to analyse your statistics and see what they are interested in. You might like to check out my psychology blog over on a Zillion Ideas; that took a little research, which is important too. Do comment if you found today’s post interesting.


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