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Neodigital Art | Light and colour

Kings Hill 001

I was trying to get my printer/scanner working the other day and scanned this picture. This is an old picture, but it shows that you can do something interesting with a scanner. I used to play on that field as a child! The land and the road was actually on fire because of the coal and gas underneath. The coal has since been removed and there is a sports field and new houses there now. That row of little workers houses is still there!

TAME 010

We have had a lot of rain, but there was a break in the rain and the sun came out yesterday evening. You can see where the grass has been cut in this picture making it a darker green, the trees are a dark green too. the grass has some seed and that reflects the light better and looks almost white.

Bridge across the River Tame

I took this shot six times and eventually I got it without kids on bikes riding into the shot or getting the shot wrong. I would have liked it a little higher but at least I got all the tree on.

TAME 022

This picture wasn’t very good, but I cropped a lot of grass off and it’s looks better now.

Sandwell Valley and Milky 007

This is a picture of the ‘Milky’ pool and you can see lots of different colours and the lighter colours are reflecting the light better. We usually have more light in summer, when the rain stops, but we also have darker greens that absorb the light. The swans, flowers and the light coloured vegetation left from winter all add to the picture. When you are taking a picture look at the colours and see what will reflect light. I have another blog on editing today on a Zillion Ideas and so why not pop over there and check it out?


11 responses

  1. Hi Mike, The first image is so incredibly powerful. To me it looked like the aftermath of WWII bombing. The image being in sepia adds to the power of the picture. You could set one of your novels around that picture!

    26, June 2012 at 4:12 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    That picture was taken well before WWII. I think it’s in an archive now. I have more of those old archive photos and old pictures from around the world. I must do some scanning! I did alter that picture very slightly. We use to play there as children and would often dig coal up for the fires!

    Thanks for visiting, the ones on have editing tips.

    26, June 2012 at 5:04 pm

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