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Thrifty Thursday | Bargains

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My bargain this week comes from this website and can save you up to £25 when you spend £80 at Matalan. I found some stuff I wanted but the jeans were out of stock in my size. Remember too they have really good home ware stuff as well as clothes. I like the Easy brand in the clothes and you can’t have enough tee shirts. The Pierre Cardin boxer shorts are 2 for £10, with the discount off they are a  really good buy. Last time I was in Matalan I bought rice bowls for a pound each. They have bargains on hats and sunglasses too. I want a linen hat from there.

I haven’t been shopping yet,  but food continues to go up in price. If the average family of four tries to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day like the government recommends. That would be 20 a day and a massive 600 over the month of June! That is a lot of fruit and veg! If you can get it cheap from a farm, that’s great; but many of us have to buy from supermarkets. I have had bananas, broccoli, grapes, satumas, peaches and cabbage from Aldi in the last couple of weeks. The grapes and peaches are a luxury I suppose, but really yummy! They didn’t have everything I wanted in Aldi though and so I had some things from Asda like their oven chips.

Aldi won best the supermarket award in the Which awards, they judge customer satisfaction, value for money, reliability and quality. I always get good service at Aldi, the checkouts are really fast and friendly compared to bigger supermarkets. The only problem is with things unavailable, sometimes because of lack of choice and sometimes because they are just not on the shelves. Service and choice have declined at Lidl and so it’s not a big surprise that Aldi won the award. They are good for fruit, veg and flowers. With increasing evidence that the anti-oxidants in fruit and veg protect us from all kinds of nasty diseases; I am getting my 5 a day!

The banks have also been in the news with a technical problem with computers at Nat West, one well known financial website is advising people to switch to other banks. That will only cause further problems. My advice? Stay calm and carry on!

Also in the news is Barclays accused of manipulating LIBOR interest rates. This could have an effect on interest rates for savers and borrowers, but I think although it needs investigating; it is a lot of fuss about nothing. Interest rates are massively manipulated by the Bank of England with dire consequences. Barclays is a good bank, they just need a bit of shareholder control over executive pay; as do all banks. I won’t take a cheap shot at them just to get a few more readers. I would like someone to sponsor my blogs and maybe advertise, but I won’t grovel for it. A Barclay’s advert would look good on a Zillion Ideas and I might even mention I have an account with them… You know it makes sense Bob, buy me a smart phone and you can have one for free…

I really like to barter, it’s tax free. In the news still, are people who make loadsamoney and fiddle loadsatax. Yes, they get up to all kinds of tricks to avoid paying tax, including sending their money overseas. It’s not just pop stars and comedians either. Big companies have their fiddles too and use their multinational nature to make big profits in low tax havens and small profits and hence tax small amounts of tax here.

We mere mortals have to keep shopping thrifty, saving money on petrol by driving carefully and cooking our own food rather than eating out. The speculators do push up the price of land and housing though; so our housing costs are something often out of our control. The same applies to energy costs, but we can insulate our homes and switch to the cheapest providers.

You might find other amazing blogs on a Zillion Ideas to read, including how to make your own wine. Please comment, especially if you know a bargain or have a question.


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