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In the olden days, the Lord of the Manor lived in his Manor House and protected it with walls and a moat. These days the rich and powerful have more sophisticated tools to control the peasants. They have spin and propaganda. They can influence beliefs on a grand scale, using many psychological tools. It is done through many channels, that we call the media. This isn’t new, it’s been done for many years and can have disastrous results. Hitler demonized the Jews with propaganda, here in the UK it can be anyone who claims welfare benefits. Now though, it seems almost no one is safe; even bankers are demonized for giving themselves bonuses! Where will it all end?

Politicians employ ‘spin doctors’ to write the stuff for them, putting just the right spin on things, so people will believe it. The beliefs that they peddle must be socially acceptable and who is more socially acceptable than Royalty and the aristocracy. They are hardy ever attacked or demonized and can put out their own powerful propaganda. The cult of personality, keeping aloof from the common people and promoting a belief that one is special, is a very powerful way of influencing and controlling people. They come out in their droves, waving flags just to see one.

Advertising and publicity is essential to influence and control. Even social media is now an important part of this process as people strive for social acceptance. If everyone is encouraged to behave in a certain way, it can soon lead to social pressure to follow suit. There is money to be made from this flag waving phenomenon. Especially if one happens to sell flags!

Name calling is a great way to have influence and use propaganda. Labels like ‘benefit scrounging scum’, ‘greedy bankers’, ‘corrupt politicians’ and so on. The use of emotive language can also demonize a section of society; particularly, a vulnerable section of society, that is already lacking in confidence. The powerful, in society  wield the most influence and they use propaganda to maintain their power.

Dissidents that resist this media brain washing are called crazy and they are targeted. The rich and powerful   will use the media to make them believe they are isolated and socially unacceptable. They will use fear and intimidation to subdue the enemy. They will be selective about the truth. The guy who has a heart attack and is told by the doctor to take it easy, but to get a little exercise, will be video recorded getting that bit of exercise on the golf course. Then he will be called scrounging scum, because he is claiming benefits that he has paid for with years of national insurance and tax contributions. The person who is born disabled and claims because his or her family have contributed for generations will be demonized even more so; indeed Hitler consigned them to the gas chambers together with anyone else he felt was undesirable.

Big business also uses propaganda to part you from your money and support power.They use advertising that makes people seem beautiful, with flawless skin and immaculate dress; all Photo-shopped to perfection. They use models that are either anorexic, or on the verge of anorexia and painfully thin, to sell ideas; ideas that sell the latest fashions and trends.

We tend to imitate each other, because we all want social acceptance. No one wants to be the odd one out and bullied, everyone wants to be one of the beautiful people. Not everyone can be on that top table though and does being an ordinary honest citizen make you any less of a person? Are you so valueless that you should be put down like an unwanted animal? Hitler thought so.

Religions too, employ propaganda and some of it is really insidious. They might seem to like you, really like you; so much so, that you feel really socially accepted into their special group. But there is a price to pay for all this ‘love bombing’. You must comply, give up your free will and comply. You must believe, what you are told to believe.

Do you want to be told what to believe by a politician, newspaper, by the television, by some religious group or anyone? Do you want to be bullied or do you want to question and decide for yourself. Do you want to brainwashed until you are effectively brain-dead or will you resist?

Be careful who you listen to, be careful what you read and question what you see. Only by always questioning and asking, ‘Is it plausible?’ can we be free.

I know today’s post is a bit heavy and very serious, but it makes you think doesn’t it? I’ll try to write humour tomorrow. There are more amazing blogs on a Zillion Ideas. Why not pop over there? 


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