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Forge Mill Farm

That is Forge Mill Farm in the picture, if you click that link you should be able to see where it is on Google maps. Not only that, but you can see it on Streetview, because they actually went in there with the camera! I hope you find this interesting. I’m not boring you am I? I would hate to bore you. I watched the roof closing at Wimbledon on TV last night; bleeding fascinating. That woman who talked about the tennis on BBC gets excited. Can you imagine what she would be like when she gets home? Her poor bloody husband…

I was getting quite annoyed last night, because I actually wanted to watch the lottery results. The tennis, I suspect was delayed because of the rain and they had to close the roof. They then went on to moan about the fact they couldn’t play after 11 o’clock because  the nasty people at the local authority had said so. We do have to have rules and  they have to be enforced. If the rules on dodgy dealing in banking were enforced, Barclay’s wouldn’t have got fined this week. They weren’t the only bank that was caught dodgy dealing though, the others were caught dodgy dealing derivatives.

Those who weren’t boring their families talking about the bleeding tennis were telling them what a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience they had, watching the Olympic flame pass through their town. Some would have dragged their families along to it. I passed on that, I had some paint drying and I needed to keep an eye on it.

I watched the Bourne Ultimatum or something like that on TV, I didn’t really have anyone to bore me to tears. I did have a conversation before the 9 o’clock movie, about corruption and bribery in high places, but as I’m allergic to being sued for libel I won’t share that with you. Needless to say it was more interesting than an account of a guy running with a torch followed by bus loads of advertising guys promoting Coke and Visa. I think that would be even more bleeding boring than an account of last years holiday in Costa Whatsit.

I scanned a photo this week of West Bromwich, High Street from about 1900. It was wide, with wide pavements and trams running down the middle. You should see it now. Kerbs extending out into the road, wide keep left signs in the middle, traffic lights and there seems less shops; certainly less people. Part of it is pedestrian now, which was handy for the rioters last year. We don’t want them getting run over do we? I think they had the Olympic flame going down there yesterday, past that big pink white elephant at the end.

We all need something to talk about and communication makes us who we are. I listen to people. I hear someone talk about a ‘robust response’ and I recognise the rhetoric and know they are a politician, journalist or a copper. They talk to each other and so pick up each others rhetoric. Listen out too for people who say ‘at the end of the day’, they are all tossers too.   There are other buzz words used by the politically correct on the council, people don’t have problems; they have ‘issues’. This tendency to jump on the bandwagon is now systemic in British society, look how the councils reacted to the Jubilee and now the Olympics. They also spread the brain-washed message to other organisations. I’m surprised people aren’t hanging out of hospital windows waving their bloody flags as the flame passes. Yes, the most virulent infection in the health service is admin-speak and use of politically correct jargon. There are people on a hundred thousand a year who sit around thinking up new acronyms. They are run by trusts of course. I don’t trust trusts, we have one to run leisure centres in Sandwell now. I bet most people who use them, don’t even live in Sandwell. Most of the people who work for the council travel in on the bloody M5 and M6, they don’t actually live in the towns that they run. They should close the motorways and make jobs for local people! They want a high speed rail link into the Midlands now so they can send us even more middle class tossers to run everything. What a waste of money. How can people who enjoy watching a ball being knocked back and forth over a bloody net be trusted to run anything.

God must love stupid people, he made so many…

There are more amazing blogs on a Zillion Ideas. Do comment, because at the end of the day, you’re paying for all this flaming crap.


3 responses

  1. I watched the flame, but only as I was in the vicinity at the time. I just feel sore that thousands of charities (many disabled) lost funding to pay for this Olympics.

    1, July 2012 at 11:17 am

  2. Hi Nick,

    I just read a request for ideas for what to do with the Olympic flame after they are done. One suggestion is to use those things as a colander for straining long vegetables. It’s a good idea, I have seen some very long runner beans down the allotments…

    I drove miles today to try to take a few photos, when I was nearly back home, the sun came out!

    Thanks for visiting. I’ll have a read of your blog later.

    1, July 2012 at 4:28 pm

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