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It wasn’t really great weather for photography this week. It’s been too dark, the rain is stirring up the water in the canals and making them murky. My overseas readers often want to come and see the scenes that I photograph for themselves. I think they are less keen now we are having record rainfall. The Black Country Living Museum advertises as an all weather venue, but I will wait until the weather improves. I think I’ll get some fascinating photos there and it’s not cheap to go in so I want a good day for it. I still went out and took a few photographs of the canals this week, despite the dark skies. I wrote a few blogs too:

Feeding a family on a budget

It’s not easy to feed a family on a budget of 60 pounds, but you can find a few good ideas in yesterday’s frugal blog.

How to write a novel | English Countryside

Lots of people want to write a novel and I gave you a few tips in Wednesday’ blog. You have a computer, get writing and do comment on that blog and give me a few ideas.

Neodigital Art | Monochrome

As usual I got all artistic in monochrome on Tuesday, with a neodigital art blog.  Maybe, you could do something artistic with your digital camera and join my Neodigital school of art?

Something to talk about…

On Sunday, I just rambled on, but at least I gave you something to talk about. ‘God must love stupid people, he made so many…’

The Propaganda Society

My final blog of June was about how we are all brainwashed by propaganda and spin.

‘We tend to imitate each other, because we all want social acceptance. No one wants to be the odd one out and bullied, everyone wants to be one of the beautiful people. Not everyone can be on that top table though and does being an ordinary honest citizen make you any less of a person? Are you so valueless that you should be put down like an unwanted animal? Hitler thought so.’

That’s my roundup of the last 5 blogs that I wrote this week; there were even more on a Zillion Ideas. This blog is nearly 2 years old now and has readers in over 80 countries. A zillion ideas has readers in 50 countries and is coming up to 5 months old. I still need more readers though and so see what you fancy out of this weeks stuff and have a read then you can pop over to a Zillion Ideas and maybe even share with your Facebook friends. You can click ‘like’ too, which will help get some readers from Facebook.

Have a good weekend, I’ll take more pictures if the rain stops!


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