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Is it Sunday?

July first 010

It doesn’t seem like Sunday today for some reason. I usually write my blog as lunch is cooking, but I’m late today; lunch is well and truly over. We do tend to be creatures of habit. We even drive habitually, not thinking about it too much. So I think Damon Hill has a point when he objects to the speed limit on motorways being raised to 80 MPH. People are half asleep much of the time and don’t realise the dangers for the rest of the time. I think it could be raised to 80 if it was strictly enforced but some idiot would want to do 90 or 100 or even faster. I think some changes should be made to all roads.

I get really frustrated by drivers who don’t seem to realise that their indictors are actually for indicating to other drivers. Indicating a fraction of a second before you turn a corner is no good to anyone. This is the way they are taught these days; it makes you wonder how they pass their tests. The other annoyance is when you are approaching a junction on a dual carriageway and someone overtakes you on the inside. This is acceptable if you are obviously going straight on and have already got into the right lane, but many people change lanes at that point and change lanes while they are going around roundabouts.

I often go down a dual carriageway and it goes to three lanes at a junction, outside lane to turn right, left lane for left, middle lane for straight on. It works well in theory, it sucks in practice. It should be two lanes and marked around the roundabout. Right lane for straight on and right, left lane for straight on and left. Trying to keep to a middle lane while negotiating a roundabout with white van man to your right and a bloody big artic to your left is downright bleeding dangerous. I would like to see one of those girlies out of the planning office try it.

I hate bloody traffic calming too. No one has right of way at those mini roundabouts and everyone is supposed to stop. So we make up our own rules, the person on the main road has right of way, right up until they hit the idiot who just passed her test and doesn’t know the unwritten rule.

Then there are bloody humps, enough to give you the bleeding hump. They are a menace and have slowed traffic down to an average of 18 MPH around here. They do 60 down some dual carriageways so you can imagine how they crawl down many roads. They also avoid some roads like the plague and so extra traffic goes down others.

I usually write today’s blog with my local readers in mind; both of them. I try to add a bit of humour. A local photo, today’s photo was took in Wednesbury. I might take a few more this afternoon, the sun has come out for a bit. I think it’s a final or something at Wimbledon. I watched a bit of it last night, the BBC had it on after Casualty and Shakespeare on BBC2. Do they sell these programmes overseas? No, they want bleeding culture and cater for an elite minority. It’s not the elite minority that funds the BBC though, we do paying out TV licence; well some of us do…

I hate the council tax too, it just pays for all the daft empire building. That, pink buildings,  buildings with wavy roofs and attempts to bring tourists to the Black Country are all a waste of our money. When it was council rates, it included water and sewage. Now you spend more on those, than bloody food. I have noticed that we have a food bank now, I don’t know anyone who is actually using it, but I suspect most people will be, the way things are going.

I don’t know where to go to take some photographs today. I thought about taking to the M6 and going somewhere a bit more scenic, but all it takes is some idiot on a bus with an electronic cigarette to trigger a full scale terrorist alert. Yes, the whole lot came to a standstill this week when police stopped a bus on the M6 Toll road. It was 5 hours before it was all reopened. They did deploy an inflatable decontamination unit though. It would take a while to get the air out of that and get it back in the box.

I hope someone has enjoyed this post, please comment and you can find more amazing ideas on a Zillion Ideas. If you live in the Black Country use the comment box to say hello. Don’t let that adult literacy class go to waste!

Smile with tongue out

There is a link below to a piece about the ‘magic roundabout’. You can’t make it up. They have people in Swindon even more moronic than our lot!


3 responses

  1. I still thought on mini-roundabouts, that you had to give way to the right?

    8, July 2012 at 8:11 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      Yes, if they are on the roundabout, but not much chance of that usually. They come towards me, ignore the give way sign, indicate right and pull right in front of me!

      8, July 2012 at 9:25 pm

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