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Social animals

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My blog today on a Zillion Ideas is a psychology blog about what motivates us to do the things we do. We tend to be motivated by the fairly primitive desire to survive.  Most of the time we also seem to want the easy life and we need to relax and feel safe. Some people never seem to relax and make us all nervous though don’t they? We are all social animals, we all want to get along and live in harmony so why do some people insist on rocking the boat? Some people are power crazy and hungry all the time for more. They don’t seem to feel any empathy for anyone. What can be done to control such people and make society and communities feel safer; more secure?

The people who cause the problems are often criminals, but they can also be doctors in our hospitals who bully patients and their colleagues. We do need to study what makes people tick more and recognise anti-social behaviour to be just that. Some people do have psychopathic tendencies and little or no empathy for other people. They are often seen as tough, born leaders; but history quite often shows them to be brutal unfeeling leaders. The science and art of understanding ourselves and each other is psychology and is an important subject. It is being used more and more to manipulate us, to sell us ideas and beliefs. People get sucked into all kinds of weird belief systems and sub-cultures. We do need to feel that we belong and when we alienate people, they have a tendency to join any group that will accept them.  This is how gangs are formed, but groups even spring up in top universities where they have ‘secret societies’. We have a dangerous tendency to gang up on people and a primitive desire to be part of a tribe.

We are living in the 21st century, but are we as sophisticated as we think we are? Or are we only different from stone age man superficially. Is it the way we look that makes us different, rather than the way we feel inside? Is the highly paid chief executive in his smart suit really a cave man inside who wants to hit you on the head and drag you to his cave? Have you noticed how those people who are celebrities and adored by their fans, tend to a rely on a very primitive sexual image? Think of a famous actor or singer who hasn’t been promoted as some sort of sex symbol and their fans won’t be beating down their door. We still seem to think about the same things as when we lived in caves; things associated with our survival. We think about shelter, food, keeping warm and reproduction, but we have become more skilled at it. We can keep warm at the touch of a button and a touch of a button is even involved in making our food edible.

If you’re interested in psychology and what motivates us. Why not read my blog on a zillion ideas: Psychology | motivation.


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