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It’s the 15th of July on Sunday and St Swithin’s Day. Folklore says that if it rains on St Swithin’s Day, it will rain for 40 days after. I think in England we have had the 40 days rain already.  The forecast here for Sunday is quite good, but a little cooler. It looks good today, blue skies and sunshine. The rain has caused problems and caused some vegetables to be in short supply. Broccoli has been flying off the shelves in some supermarkets apparently. Fortunately it freezes quite well and so you can choose frozen broccoli. If you use frozen try not to cook it too much or it goes quite soggy. I have had frozen peas from Aldi for 99p and even cheaper in Asda at 95p.

You can still plant things like lettuces, radishes and spring onions in the garden. My garden is full of slugs and snails with all the rain but you can use slug pellets and traps. Consider growing fruit too, I think my apples could do quite well this year. i want to try to store some for the winter to save me a bit of money on fruit. They are much nicer than fruit bought from the supermarket too. If you grow some fruit and veggies, you can barter with your friends, family and neighbours for other things. Everyone is trying to get their 5 a day now, so they have a better chance of staying healthy. That is the subject of my blog over on a Zillion Ideas today; I reposted that blog from earlier in the year, it was so good!

If you haven’t read my blog Feeding a family on a budget, that has some good ideas for frugal meals. I hope to take some photographs today for my blogs because the sun is shining and the light is much better than it has been. I’m fairly sure I’ll be passing Lidl and so I’ll see what they have on offer. They do offers on a Thursday. I have checked their website for offers and the only things that look appealing are the grapes at 1.32 for 500 grams and they are doing a leg of pork for 2.99 a Kg. I think those offers might vary around the country depending on your post code. I don’t like their website very much, it’s hard to compare prices.

I shall probably pass Aldi in the next few days so I shall probably take a look in there too. Petrol prices here have dropped and the cheapest is Sainsbury’s but that’s 4 miles away and so not worth the trip. I can use a litre of petrol going there and back. Morrison‘s is close but theirs was 129.9 yesterday. So again I’ll see which petrol stations that I pass while I’m out taking photos, Morrison’s usually has a queue, so I’ll look at the others. I think I will probably use Esso or Tesco. I think Esso is the same as Morrison’s but quite close, Tesco is 126.9 and I might pass there; Asda is the same if I pass there! It’s not worth going too far to buy petrol, obviously.

With food prices rising, we have to shop around, but try not to use more fuel as we do so! This could mean shopping at unusual times, perhaps just before closing when they might sell off some fruit and veg cheaply. I shall probably go to one supermarket on Sunday afternoon and while some things tend to be reduced; there are more products out of stock.

Please comment if you know of any bargains or offers this week. Thrifty tips are welcome too! There are more blogs to read on the home page.


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