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Friday the 13th | Unlucky?

Wednesbury 017

It’s Friday the 13th and many people believe it’s so unlucky that they won’t get out of bed and go to work. Does luck play a big part in our lives or do we make our own luck? I could get lucky this weekend and win the lottery, so luck does play a part? I won’t win the Euro-millions tonight for the simple reason; I ain’t bought a ticket! The whole world seems to be in a depression with countries virtually bankrupt. Is it bad luck? Or is it just old fashioned stupidity?

In my photo today, you can see a little fence, it’s fairly new. You can also see a sign on the road, white road markings and of course grass and trees. I think the grass and the trees are important. Others thought that little fence thing was important, because they claim people parked their cars on the grass. I have never seen anyone park on there, except the warden who feeds the geese  and ducks. That fence cost money, it will take money to maintain it and the same applies to the signs on the road and the white lines. It all costs money. Money is just bits of paper and coins made from base metals. The real wealth is in our hard work, creativity and  ability to innovate. We waste so many resources on crackpot schemes. There are needs, real needs; people need food, clothes and a place to live. Is it right to have the Olympics in London and put money towards it from the lottery, when there are homeless people in London? Is it right to extend the airport so more people can take overseas holidays; when we need more homes for people, new hospitals  and more care homes for the elderly?

Wealth is also stored in our ability to create wealth and that comes from skills and education. We do need people trained to do building repairs. Many people have their wealth tied up in their homes and a house that isn’t kept in good repair becomes less valuable. We also have collective wealth, we all own the hospitals, roads and environment. Should we maintain that, train more people to maintain the infrastructure and invest in it? Some people think the infrastructure should be sold off, because we can’t afford to maintain and improve it. Our collective wealth is being eroded, simply because we aren’t looking after it and keeping it repaired. Which is more important? Should we keep our hospitals in good repair or show off by building an Olympic village? Which is more important? Which would you choose between maintaining your house and improving your wealth or taking a overseas holiday? Many people choose the overseas holiday, so they can show off their suntan to their friends. Is it any surprise that we are becoming a less wealthy nation?

When Great Britain has squandered her wealth showing off with palaces, Jubilees, Olympics and other grandiose events and schemes. Will it be just bad luck? There are more amazing blogs on the home page. Over on a Zillion ideas, there are even more. How lucky is that?


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  1. Nice 😀 Hope you liked my article 🙂

    13, July 2012 at 11:15 am

    • Hi Sheya,

      I thought your blog was very unusual. I was fascinated by the photo that seems to extend over the sidebar!

      13, July 2012 at 2:05 pm

      • Oh yes 😀 Mine is an unusual blog… I like to keep it that way 🙂
        Thank You 🙂

        13, July 2012 at 2:30 pm

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