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This week, it rained–again

Wednesbury 034

Yes, it rained again this week. Will it ever stop? It did go sunny briefly one evening and I took a few photos. I changed this one to monochrome for some reason. The weather is causing a few problems here in England, gardeners and window cleaners don’t like it very much. The weather doesn’t discriminate though, everyone gets wet, rich and poor, tall and short. I do think stupid people do tend to get wetter than smart people though. Well, they like to watch tennis at Wimbledon, smart people watch it on the TV. Really smart people, read a book. Some people are even reading that 50 shades of Grey. Are they smart or stupid? They are probably just bored, have boring lives and want a bit of excitement between the pages…

Social Animals

We are social animals, we like to be part of a group, a set, a clique and bully the weakest in our little worlds. Well some of us are a little more sophisticated and prefer not to pick on the most vulnerable in society. Anyway, read my blog, you could find it fascinating…

Neodigital Art | Photons

Photons are those little bundles of energy that we call light. This is very important in photography, so that was the subject of my blog on Tuesday. You might like to read that or look at the pictures even.

How to write a novel | Transatlantic ideas

I continued with my tips on writing a novel on Wednesday. My protagonist Nick is going to set off in a camper van and hopefully find true love. If he ties her to a tree in the woods, my novel could be called 50 shades of green…

Thrifty Thursday | Supply and Demand

Supplies of some veggies are  short in the UK, because of the rain and so I wrote a bit about that on Thursday. You might like to read that before you open a bag of frozen peas. We all need to be thrifty these days and shop around.

Friday the 13th | Unlucky?

Was yesterday unlucky for you? It wasn’t great for me. It rained. Shock horror! I did a lot of writing and so it was a productive day. It would have been better if I had won that Euro-millions lottery, but I hope to do better on tonight’s draw. I bought a ticket for tonight’s draw which could help…

I don’t have a subject for tomorrow’s blog, so if you have a question do comment and ask it. I usually just ramble through anything while lunch is cooking on a Sunday.

I wrote a few blogs for a Zillion Ideas too this week so do pop over there and read those. You can also comment and tick the box to subscribe to either website. If you subscribe (follow) you get an email every time there is a new blog (just about every day). If you fancy writing a blog yourself or learning about how to blog, then have a go at it. Write a blog about something you know about, send it to me at the address in the sidebar and if it’s any use, I’ll publish it on a Zillion Ideas. I’ll also advise on getting a WordPress blog and how to set it up, if you want to have your own blog. It is a good idea to start with guest blogs though. If you want to make money from blogging, that is a little more difficult; but again, I can advise.


10 responses

  1. Love this photo! When you take a photo, do you already know how you will edit it or do you use the trial and error approach?

    14, July 2012 at 2:14 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I had a vague idea with this one. I thought the black and white fence might look good in monochrome. I did one once before and the trees looked good. I took lots of shots of the gate and then tried this one in monochrome. I might try some of the other photos in different colours. It is partly trial and error. I found some information on the history of that site today and the pools filled up again in 1999; so I’ll have to check what they are like now. I think some work might have been draining them, but that’s nearly finished. The site used to be prone to flooding! There is a 30ft wide seam of coal beneath the woodland but they couldn’t mine it because of flooding. We’ve had record rainfall and so it has to be going somewhere!

      14, July 2012 at 2:41 pm

  2. My window cleaner is also my gardener, so he is really pissed off.

    14, July 2012 at 2:48 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      That made me laugh. I have to phone my gardener, he is 6 weeks late. The lawn is like a meadow. My window cleaner kept recommending a gardener, but he’s not now it’s mission impossible! I don’t care, let it grow…

      14, July 2012 at 3:28 pm

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