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Yet another Sunday ramble

Wednesbury 015

Regular readers know that on a Sunday, I write about anything I feel like writing about and tend to just ramble on. This week the government has announced it will lend money to banks, so they can lend it to us. The interest rate the government is charging is less than 1%. It’s working, I had a letter from Barclay’s offering me a balance transfer for a fee of 2.9%. That’s a nice little earner; nice to see the greed culture at Barclay’s hasn’t left the building, along with Banker Bob.

I mentioned mini roundabouts last week and should have made clear the rules. You stop or slow down at the dotted lines and give way to traffic approaching from the right.

I came up to a mini roundabout this week. I slowed down, nothing approaching from the right. A car on the roundabout decided for some unknown reason to drive past his exit and right in front of me. My ABS worked and I stopped about a yard over the white line. He went over the roundabout and just missed me. Then he continued around, narrowly missing a few more cars and then took the exit, that he was supposed to take. I can understand his confusion. I might have seen him sooner had I not been concentrating on the roundabout. On my exit the kerb juts out into the road, so you have to concentrate and drive onto the roundabout a bit. No harm done though, at least not to my car. I then had to get going again and everyone seemed a bit confused. The woman who he had just missed didn’t know whether to go or stay. She decided to stop and so I could go. I was decidedly nervous after that and jumpy every time I thought someone was going to drive in front of me. I had to pull over to the side of the road, get my road planner voodoo doll from the glove box and stick a load of pins in it, to calm my nerves.

Things don’t always go right do they? WordPress asked if I wanted to publish a temporary post when I tried to detect the theme for this post. I never thought that a link would be syndicated and tweeted! Too late now… Sorry if that confused anyone.

I watched the BBC last night. I try to get my money’s worth from the licence fee. Dad’s Army cheered me up a bit and the latest game show to accompany the National Lottery Draw, wasn’t too bad. That was followed by Casualty, Mrs Brown’s Boys and Live at the Apollo. Can you imagine Mrs Brown on one of those game shows? “Is that you final answer?”, “No, I’m going to think of a feckin’ nuther one in a minute”. Mrs Brown in Casualty with a ‘bit of trouble, down there’ would be even funnier. It seems the BBC has exclusive rights to show the feckin’ Olympics. We pay for it and the world will watch us waste our bleedin’ money. Austerity is when you give up the luxuries; like paying tax. 

It seems the army will be doing much of the security for the Olympics, the private company that the Tories love so much, can’t recruit enough staff. The benefit scrounging scum down the Job Centre don’t fancy dealing with suicide bombers. They should be sympathetic to people who are suicidal. I know blowing yourself up, is a bit different from taking half a bottle of paracetamol because your benefits went into the bank late; but it’s still a cry for help.

I see sunshine, blue sky and puffy white clouds this morning. I’ll have lunch, put petrol in the car and set off to take a few photos and then the bleedin’ heavens will open.

The lottery was a roll-over again last night, so there will be a jackpot of 8 million or something on Wednesday. I could do with winning that and then when charity collectors tell me that all my neighbours have signed up to donate 10p a day for the rest of their lives; I can bribe then to leave me alone for the rest of mine.

I write about a variety of stuff and I am going to start a series of blogs about science and technology. I think I might start with osmosis; it’s a bleedin’ fascinating subject. There are things I would like to write about, but can’t because they are confidential. Like that oil company that is said to strike oil in Africa, any time now. Lots of people want to know about that, so they can buy shares and make a fortune; but I can’t get it confirmed and so it’s just a rumour. The knickers elastic incident at Wimbledon is another story that I can’t really tell. I also heard that a mobile phone company was going to start a price war by offering free text and data on pay as you go for a fiver a month. There are so many interesting stories that I keep to myself. I could write a bleedin’ book about David Cameron…

Carpe diem is Latin for ‘seize the day’ which you will know if you watched Dead Poet’s Society with Robin Williams. I told a Chinese student that she might have problems with the language in England and she said she would just have to ‘size the day’. She was close…

My horoscope says I should ‘seize the day’, today. According to the weather forecast, we could have rain again tomorrow, so I might just have to take a zillion photos today. I have no idea where to go. I shall probably do a search on Google maps, it’s free. That is the latest trend, to give stuff away for free. It’s not really, television gives us ‘free’ crappy programmes as long as we watch the zillion dollar adverts that come on every 5 minutes. It’s the same with Google, who give us free search, maps, video and other stuff and bombard us with advertising. I have an idea, free chocolate as long as you’re willing to read the advert on the wrapper. You heard it here first…

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