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Neodigital Art | The Black Country

MERRIONS 2012 007

There was a break in the rain on Sunday and so we set out to take more photographs. It was early and the sun was high in the sky and so it was a good time to photograph woodland. First stop was Moorcroft Wood and this is a picture of Moorcroft pool; otherwise known as the Sanna. I have found some history to this pool and there were two more pools that have dried up. I think if this one filled up it would overflow into the next one. I usually get a tree in the foreground to get depth to the picture, but that has changed now and I had to stand in front of the trees to see anything.

MERRIONS 2012 026

I walked to the other end of the pool and got a shot that has some more depth. With the sun high in the sky, you can lose you sense of direction in the woodland. I read some history of the mining that created these pools and it was abandoned because of flooding. It seems the 30 ft wide seam of coal is still there. 

MERRIONS 2012 066

I drove from Moorcroft Wood to Bradley locks. They’ve been filled in, but I went in search of ‘elephant rock’. I think it’s long gone and this bridge has been replaced. The steel has anyway and the Metro runs over it now. The brick work is original and it’s in two halves. You can see the half that the canal runs under in this photo. The other half was a private road and just before the bridge was a large rock, perhaps 20 ft high, it is long gone now. This whole area was covered in chemicals from the chemical works, but is quite different now. I did find water running into the canal. Could this have something to do with why the Sanna is drying up?

MERRIONS 2012 081

I have been meaning to photograph this lockkeepers cottage for a while. There is a little bridge across the lock too. It’s the canal in between the New Navigation pub and the top lock cottage. That link will show you the location on Google Maps.

MERRIONS 2012 090

Then on to Merrion’s Wood. You can see by the sign that although nature provides the beauty, it had a helping hand from a landscape architect.

MERRIONS 2012 094

In the enchanted woodland of Merrion’s Wood, with the sun still quite high in the sky, I took quite a lot of pictures like this one.

MERRIONS 2012 223

Then it was on to Sandwell Valley Country Park. I didn’t take this picture!

MERRIONS 2012 247

It was a little cloudy by this time, but this picture isn’t too bad. The light was changing all afternoon.

MERRIONS 2012 264

These wild poppies were growing in Sandwell Valley and a few more wild flowers too, like wild geraniums.

Today’s blog on a Zillion Ideas is about Neodigital Art too and features a few of the pictures from Merrion’s Wood of the enchanted woodland and the lodge. Please share the blogs with your friends, click ‘like’ and comment f you have a question, something to say or just to say hello.


16 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Wow, you have quite a collection this week! I feel as if I almost know your area now, you have done such a marvelous job of showcasing it for us.

    I’m curious, with all the rain we have been hearing about in your parts, why the Sanna isn’t overflowing? It looks as if it’s drying up instead. Very curious.

    You know which photo is my favorite this week. So beautiful!

    I also like the caretaker’s cottage and the flower. For both of those I was thinking what you could do with effects. Fotosketcher for the flower perhaps?

    Thanks for sharing your artistry with us, Mike!

    18, July 2012 at 4:45 am

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    That’s an interesting observation about the Sanna and lots of people are asking the same question. There is water running into the canal on the west side of the woodland and maybe that is the water off the hills. I’m not sure if it’s polluted. The canal there is really overgrown. I think they need to use some instruments to measure where the water is going. I think the Sanna is stable now, it doesn’t seem to have lost more water. I checked the history and it has filled up before and the other pools in 1999; so maybe it will again.

    I have made some pictures from Merrion’s Wood monochrome and I will try Fotosketcher on some photos; maybe the lock-keeps cottage. It was a bit risky there! Some places we go look nice in the photos, but there is a risk of getting mugged for your camera!

    If I go back to where those poppies are growing I’ll scatter the seed around, they are amazing.

    18, July 2012 at 9:15 am

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