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Thrifty Thursday | healthy eating

MERRIONS 2012 065

I think today’s photo looks cool. It blends in with the black background. My digital photography is quite frugal. I share the photos by using them on my blogs and through MSN instant messenger and Facebook. Much better than the old days of film and developing. I took 300 pictures on Sunday, that would have cost a fortune in the old days. I mentioned the price of some veggies were high last week because of the weather. I’ve been looking for bargains this week!

There is a half price sale at Matalan. I know that a lot of kids haven’t yet started their summer holiday, but it’s still worth thinking about that ‘back to school’ wear. Remember to get the size right, amazing how they can grow in a couple of months! I haven’t managed to get there yet, but have a voucher for 10% off so want to go and take a look. I spotted a blazer half price for £19.50; many sizes have sold out; but my size might be still available. I will need to try one on, because I have put on weight! I think a smart blazer can be worn with jeans or chinos for a smart casual look which would be useful sometimes.

I popped down Aldi yesterday and I’m pleased to say the broccoli is back in stock but was 99p, more expensive than it was. One of my readers confessed to a grape ‘addiction’ in her blog. I can’t get enough of them and although I had a few left from last week, I couldn’t resist 500 grams of white seedless grapes for 99p. Most of the grapes at Tesco are twice the price, but they do have ‘everyday value’ black grapes for 98p for 500g.

I am thinking of making home made soup today. I had some chicken legs from Aldi that are cooking now for my base.  When they’re cooked, I’ll remove the bones and then add my veggies and herbs. The celery was 59p from Aldi and I will chop all that for my soup and a little white cabbage. One chopped onion will go in with seasoning, herbs d’Provence and some basil. I shall probably add a hand full of frozen peas too. I think I can get 1.5 litres of delicious homemade soup for about £2.00. It just so happens my saucepan is 1.5 litres, but if you have a family and a bigger saucepan; add more veggies and some potato to make it more filling and cheaper.

Getting your 5 fruit and veg a day is getting expensive and people are beginning to doubt if it’s a good idea. A family of four need 600 portions a month! The cheapest is frozen peas at 26p for a family of four. One of Aldi’s super six, was nectarines, I had 4 for 69p. That would be an expensive option for a family. Watch out for cheap frozen vegetables and the ‘fun sized’ bananas are usually reasonable. Portions should be about 80 grams for adults and 50 grams for small children. That is 260 grams for a family of four. My grapes would be good to provide 2 portions each for 99p. Not as cheap as frozen peas, but a nice healthy treat. Don’t forget that one portion can be fruit juice, so a carton of cheap orange or pineapple juice will help keep the family healthy.

Don’t forget, you can also grow you own fruit and veggies. My efforts this year are pathetic, but I do have apples on my trees and one lettuce growing! If you have any money-saving ideas, please comment. If you spot a bargain, share that too. I continued with my ‘how to be an expert winemaker’ blogs on a Zillion Ideas today. So why not pop over there and discover how to make you own port and sherry?


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  1. Growing your own apple? Wow~

    21, July 2012 at 5:31 am

    • Hi Eryn,

      The trees are about 50 years old now. I had lots of apples last year but not so many this year. I bought a ladder to pick them too! Home grown apples are better than the ones bought in the supermarket and can be stored through winter.

      21, July 2012 at 8:31 am

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