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This week–the sun came out

Willingsworth park

Yes, the sun came out a couple of times this week in England and the storm that was forecast was more of a whimper than a storm. I could be getting used to them though. It could go nice now, which is a shame. We did so want our overseas visitors coming for the Olympics to experience some genuine British weather. We do have some artificial clouds though. I did get out on Sunday and took some photos for the Neodigital Art blogs, then again midweek, when I took this one in the early evening sunlight.

Yet another Sunday ramble

I started the week with Yet another Sunday ramble, regular readers will know I get sarcastic and sometimes facetious on a Sunday and try to write something humorous. I would like to write a weekly column like that for a newspaper or magazine or even a more successful website. One that has a lot of readers. That was my problem this week a lack of readers.


On Monday, I reviewed the Skydrive application which gives you 7Gb of online storage space free. It’s easier to use now. I copied all my photos from last Sunday to my Skydrive folder and now I have an online backup. Cool!

Neodigital Art | The Black Country

On Tuesday, as usual, I did my Neodigital Art blog using some of the photos from the shoot last Sunday. Those pictures were taken at a few different locations including the magical and enchanted Merrion’s Wood. I also used those pictures from Merrion’s Wood for another blog on a zillion ideas.

How to write a novel | relationships

On Wednesday, I continued with my series of blogs about how to write a novel. My protagonist Nick is on a road trip around the English Countryside and meets Lily, an American from New England. Nick despises all things American and so a love-hate relationship forms as Lily is stranded and Nick, being an English gentleman, has to help out. I need some ideas for that story from my American friends. I can write dialogue for Nick, but what about Lily? She is confident and would be a strong person. How would she respond to Nick tormenting her about being an American? There are a lot of questions still to be answered and more  questions to be asked.

Thrifty Thursday | healthy eating

My Thrifty Thursday | healthy eating blog actually got readers and a few ‘likes’. Special thanks to Eryn at a Million Mars for a comment. Eryn has an amazing and inspiring blog that is well worth visiting. It is getting difficult with rising food prices to eat healthily. Drought in some parts of the world are causing food shortages and in the UK we have had too much rain. I intend to buy more frozen veggies next time in the supermarket…

Finance Friday | luck of the draw

My blog on Friday was Finance Friday | luck of the draw was about the Euro-lottery and other important finance stuff. It might be worth buying a ticket for next Friday’s Euro-millions in the UK because they are going to create 100 new millionaires with the millionaire raffle. I need to win the lottery now, with the price of broccoli the way it is!

Have you noticed the new header photograph?  I decided to change it from a winter one, to a summer one. I think I’ll take another photograph, especially for that. I need lots of sky for the typographical stuff! I could even do a collage.

This week wasn’t very good for readers or page views. I am coming up to 500 blogs posted and 50,000 page views. I need to get the word out. I do have plans to make my blogs more appealing, but need my readers to ‘share’ on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Facebook likes would help too. You can also comment and give me a little encouragement.

In case you have any doubts, I live in the heart of Black Country. We get people in when we want consultants or anyone with brains to do anything, so I have little chance of getting my Neodigital Art into any of the art galleries or even the Public in West Brom. I did hope after getting this blog syndicated on the YamYam I would get a little local support. It seems we have a lack of confidence and everything is run by people who come in from outside; places like Solihull. Maybe it’s the education around here that’s to blame? The Black Country’s not really known for artists and writers. Is it? If you are local, please consider supporting my blogs and maybe even writing one yourself. Take a few photos even, if you can find something that isn’t too depressing to photograph. You can also comment and my email address is in the sidebar >>


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  1. Stuck a link for you on my site.


    22, July 2012 at 10:13 am

    • Thanks Nick. I have been thinking about links for bloggers. I want to graphic links in the sidebar. I haven’t quite figured it all out yet!

      Just about to start my Sunday ramble!

      22, July 2012 at 10:31 am

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