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Summer Sunday ramble

Willingsworth Park, Tipton

The sun’s shining! It cheers you up a bit when the sun shines; depressing thoughts melt away. I am writing this on Sunday morning before I start cooking lunch. It’s strange the thoughts that run through your mind on a sunny day. I just remembered that guy who kept drinking brake fluid. He wasn’t addicted; he said he could stop at any time…

I just read this:

A global super-rich elite has exploited gaps in cross-border tax rules to hide an extraordinary £13 trillion ($21tn) of wealth offshore – as much as the American and Japanese GDPs put together – according to research commissioned by the campaign group Tax Justice Network.

You can read the rest of that on the Guardian website. I suspected as much. Money is rarely destroyed. I don’t think I have ever seen a 20 pound note destroyed in any way. Money passes from one person to another. From people to companies, from companies to people. The government in the UK is printing more of the stuff with quantitative easing. Who has all that cash? When someone loses money, someone else gains money. Some companies and individuals are cash rich. They stash it away in secret accounts, overseas. They hoard it, too scared to spend it. They will never enjoy it, they don’t know what enjoyment is. To enjoy food, you have to have known hunger. They know nothing and have known nothing. One genius can become a billionaire, make more wealth than a thousand people in their whole lifetimes.They say one person in a hundred is a genius and the 1 person in 5 can create more wealth than average. So why the hell does everyone else need to work? Why when Greece is home to wealthy shipping magnates is the country in deep economic trouble and unable to buy drugs for it’s people suffering from cancer? Because, part of it’s culture is greed driven and the rich don’t pay their taxes. We need tax systems they can’t avoid. How about a financial transactions tax? How about a luxury rate of VAT on luxury goods, like supercars and loo paper impregnated with Aloe Vera?

I hope the Guardian appreciate that link. They might offer me a weekly column writing facetious crap to publish over the weekend. I could call it ‘something for the weekend’.

This blog will be featured on the Yam Yam today, that will get me an extra reader. Nick has his Sunday Roast blog featured today, he’s as irreverent as me and just as facetious. Check that out today, we don’t have that many bloggers in the Black Country and virtually no artists. Not the artistic kind anyway!

I have just had another thought. Sentences that you associate with different countries:

America: Have a nice day…

Brazil: Are you nuts?

Now think of a country beginning with C and a sentence. There are lots beginning with C. Someone will probably come up with chicken, flied lice… Work your way through the alphabet…

I am trying to think of one for the UK in the light of the Tour de France win. I bet that guy is a bit sore this morning. If he had rode around Britain with the Olympic flame it would have got around a lot quicker.

The kids have started their summer hols, I hear. No more school-run congestion on the roads for 6 weeks and a bit. They will be running around supermarkets now making a nuisance of themselves.

The roads should be quiet this afternoon, I might go out and take a few photographs. I need to hurry up and cook lunch. I must learn to type faster! I wasn’t taught keyboard skills in high school, it’s a miracle that I can write at all. I read stuff  now and the spelling and grammar is awful. I know it makes me look good, but when people leave university with a degree in something they can’t spell it makes you wonder about their professors. Thank God for spell checkers or they wouldn’t even be able to spell socio-economic psychology.

I wrote a few blogs this week over on a zillion ideas. Please pop over there and read those, subscribe, share and anything else you can do to get me some readers! I’ll never be rich and famous at this rate! I want at least to have the option of tax avoidance! Maybe, I should put all the facetious stuff on that blog?

Please comment, say hello, write a funny line, ask a question or even click ‘like’. 



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