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Neodigital Art | angles and depth

Oak House 066

I went to the Oak House on Sunday and took some photographs of the house and the grounds. This is quite an unusual angle, but the light was bright and I have got shadows, giving a better view of the details on the house. The leading on the windows shows clearly, but on the photo taken farther away, that can’t be seen. This photograph still has depth as the front wall goes away from us.  Oak House 071

In this picture of the grounds of Oak House, I have a bench in the foreground and gives the picture depth compared to the shelter and building in the background. You can see the sun was quite bright on Sunday when I took these pictures.

Oak House 002

I took this photo on Sunday, yes, the rain stopped. It’s the Oak House in West Bromwich (England) and again I have a tree for depth, but the path goes away from us and appears narrower as it does so. The subject is obviously the house. Always look for patterns, they make the shot more interesting and the patterns on the house, make this shot.

Oak House

The angle in this picture is quite different. I have a tree to give it some depth, but the angle also gives it depth. The near side of the house looks taller than the far side; the whole picture has perspective. I knew those art lessons in High School would come in handy!

Oak House 090

Regular readers will recognise this as Moorcroft pool, other wise known as the Sanna. The light was good and the sun fairly high in the sky. The blue sky has given the water a blue tinge, with green around the edges reflected from the trees. The tree on the right adds to the depth, but shooting long ways, rather than across the pool is more effective. 

Landscape photography lends itself to manipulation in editing and unusual subjects can become really artistic. I regard today’s pictures as nice photos, rather than art that could be exhibited. Of course indoor photography is quite different to landscape. I did take some photos inside the Oak House and I am using those for a special blog about my first attempt at a lot of flash photography. You can read about that and see the photos and more photos of the Oak House and grounds on today’s blog on a Zillion Ideas. I am really pleased with that article.

I hope you will pop over there and check that blog out and do comment and share with your friends on Facebook. Bloggers might be interested to know, that the first two pictures are on Pinterest and so I embedded them; the others were uploaded. You can also follow me on Twitter and keep up to date with my blogs and other stuff that I do.


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  2. Hi Mike, I love the pictures of Oak House. Your use of angles and depth is very illustrative. I just don’t think that way naturally. My instinct is to take pictures straight on. I will have to re-think this as I keep your lessons in mind as I’m taking my photos.

    I hope you get a gallery showing soon. Your work is amazing!

    26, July 2012 at 2:57 pm

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    I don’t really like the first picture, but you can see the leading in the windows and so it help to understand the image. The others are better shots.

    Simon used to take his shots straight on, now he’s getting more depth and angles; I might use a few of his next week. He took some at the seaside and Loch Ness.

    There is a new gallery just up the road from the Oak House, it’s pink! I call it the pink monstrosity, it cost $100 million! I’ll exhibit anywhere that will print and frame the pictures. 🙂

    26, July 2012 at 5:10 pm

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