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Thrifty Thursday | school holidays

Sunshine 043

I took photos in  the park the other day. We used to go there as children during the summer holidays and take jam sandwiches and a bottle of water. There was a water fountain and paddling pools. The paddling pools have gone and replaced with those skateboard ramps. They protect the kids around here with speed humps and then encourage them to skateboard on those ramps. Many of the kids can’t afford skateboards round there. The council puts stuff in for themselves and their kids. The leisure centre used to be for swimming, now it’s for getting a sun tan.

People are encouraged to spend money on stupid things, but a walk in the park is still free and so is the sunshine. Kids today, will turn their noses up at jam sandwiches and water. You could try tempting them with a picnic. Bottles of orange or blackcurrant squash and a some salad sandwiches with fruit. That could also serve as afternoon tea and if you have nothing better to do, stay out until bedtime. Take a ball and watch them run around a bit, they will be tired and ready for bed when you finally get home. Walk to the park if you can, you save on petrol and get some exercise.

Monday 025

I go exploring and taking photos. This canal is about a mile from my home. Close by there is woodland with bluebells and a pool to explore. Along the tow path of this canal are wild roses, wild geraniums and you will soon be able to pick blackberries to make jam!

MERRIONS 2012 227

If you can pack the kids up in the car fro a day out do a picnic for lunch and look for a nature reserve to go to. You can see people in this picture having a picnic. It was a bit cloudy when we went there, but it won’t be perfect. I took photos and got some exercise and fresh air. Try to cover up and use sun screen if it’s really hot; find a nice shaded spot under the trees for your picnic.

You can also take the kids shopping, bargain hunting in a discount supermarket like Aldi or Lidl. Look for things for picnics and for keeping the kids amused. Look for seeds too like lettuce seeds so the kids can grow salad for the picnics. Try Poundland for notebooks and scrap books.You can also pay a visit to places like Matalan and the larger supermarkets and look for back to school clothes on special offer if you buy before the rush gets started. Remember though,  that kids keep on growing all through the holidays and you want them to last a while. I had school clothes a size too big as a matter of course!

I’ve been to lots of other places, Woodland like Moorcroft Wood and Merrion’s Wood. I have been to museums with free admission and nature reserves at Sandwell Valley and Sheepwash. Then there were the canals, pools, ponds and lakes. You can feed the geese and ducks at many places. Then there were the museums with free entrance like the Oak House in West Bromwich where I went on Sunday. I wrote another blog about Free days out for Kids on a Zillion Ideas. If that proves popular, I might do more blogs and more pictures through the summer holiday. Please click share and do comment.


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