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Sunshine Sunday ramble

Sunshine 027

I just ramble on a Sunday, write whatever is on my mind. I have  a lot on my mind today, mainly the weather. Rain is forecast for this afternoon and I planned to take some photos. It was sunny and warm when I took this one of the canal, we have a few canals in the Midlands. More than Venice in fact. They aren’t quite a appreciated as the Venetian canals; people can be blind to what they have…

They quote great writers after they’re dead don’t they?   I wonder if anyone will quote stuff from my blogs after I’m gone. I wrote a line this morning about the banks. I said they have that many fiddles they should be in the orchestra at the proms. That’s worth quoting. I watched a bit of the proms last night; a bit of Beethoven. Then a film that wasn’t very good, but I like Meg Ryan so that made it a little easier to watch.

There is a historic vehicle show at Walsall Arboretum extension this afternoon, I hope the rain doesn’t spoil it. I’ve wanted to photograph historic vehicles for a while. The sky looks a bit dark, but with luck all these dark clouds will have gone by the time I go out. They appear to be heading south east, towards the Olympics in London…

Smile with tongue out

I’m trying to write this and talk to two people on MSN at the same time. One is local and the other is a writer in China. This could be why I get confused, too much multi-tasking. I was cooking and talking to a student in China yesterday. I forgot my saucepan of soup on the cooker, it reduced a bit before I remembered it.

I just found out that the Walsall classic car show today costs £4.50 for adults and £2.50 for kids. Many similar events have been cancelled, because of waterlogged ‘show grounds’. I might give this one a miss if it rains.  The English weather is unpredictable which is why such shows need a suitable venue, like a large car park. Fields that become waterlogged aren’t suitable. I’m always amused by how surprised people are when it snows or rains in England. Trains stop because of leaves on the tracks, we get traffic jams because of snow, things get cancelled because of rain and if by some bloody miracle we get nice weather they declare a drought and a hose pipe ban. We should be experts on the weather in the UK, but politicians tend to be experts on nothing at all. At the time of writing, it is now raining quite persistently! I do see blue sky to the west though! There is still hope!

If people don’t go to this show they might spend the money in the shops instead. Is this good or bad? Bad! That means more money for Tesco and Wal-mart. If they spend it at this show, it means the organisers get to stay in business. With so many shows cancelled, they will be struggling to stay in business. There will also be other small businesses like hot dog stands that might rely on shows like this. We have to consider when we spend our money whether to buy a newspaper or magazine in the supermarket or choose a small business. The same applies even to buying meat, supermarket or butcher? The big businesses are putting small ones out of business and so the money goes from the poor and middle classes to the rich and upper classes. They avoid taxes and send the money overseas, which could be why we have a recession  all over Europe. No one likes paying taxes, but when the shipping magnates of Greece put themselves before their country, we can see what happens. The same applies to rich politicians in this country, royalty, the aristocrats and the nouveau aristocrats like Lord Sugar and Sir Paul McCartney. I’m surprise Bob Diamond, late of Barclays hasn’t been made Lord Bob. I think he might be from the colonies though…

It’s stopped raining again, I still have a chance of an afternoon out. I think I’ll start cooking lunch. I’ve managed one half decent paragraph in the post! There are more amazing blogs on the home page. I’ll be writing about psychology tomorrow!



7 responses

  1. I went to a heritage fair at the Dartmouth Steam Railway a while back. They had a classic car exhibition and I was disturbed to find so many cars my Dad had owned. 60s & 70’s Ford Cortinas – now considered vintage. I’ll put in that order for a zimmer frame, then.

    29, July 2012 at 12:39 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      I have used a zimmer frame! They aren’t that easy. I was in the Manor and people kept trying to take off with it only to find it was too tall for them! I had a 1949 Austin A40 Devon once, I wish I still had that!

      Thanks for stopping by. Black clouds again now, the weather keeps changing…

      29, July 2012 at 1:57 pm

      • Mike.

        Are you still planning to visit the Black Country Museum ?
        The good weather should allow you to get some decent photo’s.


        29, July 2012 at 4:01 pm

  2. Hi Mac,

    Yes, The Black Country museum is on my list! I did the vehicle show at the Arboretum, it kept raining but I hope some of the photos are OK. Just about to check them and edit them. The BCLM should be really good on a good day.

    Thanks fro dropping by. I should be using the vehicle picture on Tuesday!

    29, July 2012 at 8:28 pm

    • Mike.

      I was at the BCLM years ago and found there’s a lot of walking involved.
      You can use the trams to get around but it might be worth taking a folding
      umbrella with you.

      I also went to the series of museums in the Blists Hill/Ironbridge area and
      thought they were better value(more to see) than the BCLM.


      30, July 2012 at 9:28 am

      • Hi Mac,

        My leg aches a bit after a lot of walking and so I had already thought of that. I have a walking stick in the back of the car that I used for walking around nature reserves and woodland, so I’ll use that. I was taking photos too fast yesterday because I kept losing the light as the sun went behind dark clouds. I hope I have better weather for the BCLM. I think it’s about 15 pounds with parking so want my money worth! I’ve had hip surgery but can walk farther now than I used to. It still won’t be easy, so maybe I’ll ride on the tram!

        Thanks for the comment. I’m getting around more and so maybe I’ll get to Ironbridge eventually. I really want to go to Stratford upon Avon, maybe for a week break.

        30, July 2012 at 2:19 pm

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