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Thrifty Thursday | shop smart

vintage Car

If you read my blogs earlier in the week, you’ll know I went to a historic vehicle show on Sunday and took photos. I converted the photo above to monochrome; just to see what it looked like! We don’t usually go anywhere that costs money to get in, but we did get in at a cheaper cost than advertised, because of the weather. It pays to ask… How much?

If you’re in the UK, the ‘super six’ at Aldi this week are iceberg lettuce, avocado, lemons, beetroot, spring onions and a pack of four baking potatoes; all 39p each. I’ve never tried avocado so I might be tempted. I am seriously thinking of pickling some beetroot.  Other offers at Aldi include stationary and notebooks to keep the kids quiet over the holidays. I’m not sure how they compare to Poundland.

You have to shop smart these days and make a note or at least a mental note of where the bargains are. I tend to change which shop I go to each week. I also stock up on different items, especially if they’re on offer.

I went to Matalan on Sunday too. I bought a blazer that was half price on their website, but full price (£39) in store. I asked about it and they let me have it for half price! I also had my Pierre Cardin boxers at 10% off with a voucher. That saved me over twenty quid! Every little helps…

I bought a tyre pressure gauge at the vehicle show. It’s 50p to use the air in the service station and I have a compressor so that will save me a few 50 pence’s. It’s not much, but every little helps…

I have to go online again and try to get my TalkTalk line rental on my phone and broadband paid 12 months in advance. It will save me £5.00 a month. It will cost £114 for the advanced payment. I will only have to pay a direct debit of £11.87 a month instead of £25.37. In all I’ll save £60 over 12 months. Every little helps….

The economy is still in the doldrums, with some clueless economists saying the government will have to print trillions of pounds if the Eurozone implodes. I wish they would all just shut up, the more they talk; the worse it gets. The whole financial sector needs investigating and sorting out. There are automatic sells now on the stock market. A share price drops by 1% and all the stop loss sells kick in and make it drop by another 1% and then more  stop loss orders kick in… Bleeding madness…

Wealth is created by innovation, work smart – make money. Shop smart – save money… Simples…

I hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics. There was more rowing today! Apparently, the cost a pair of trainers for the Olympics will feed a whole African village for a day.  It would feed most families in this country for a week. Makes you think doesn’t it. Imagine what sensible people could do with the 12 billion it’s costing. Remember the riots? The police couldn’t cope then. They can’t cope now with security and so they brought out the army. Now we have a security problem where the rich are at risk. When it was the poor buggers of Brixton and places like West Bromwich, they were all talk…

I read today that they are trying to do frugal innovation in India. Make the country better without wasting money. I hope it catches on, they might try it here. I was watching a programme on TV (Panorama) that showed really sick people sent for assessments to see if they were fit for work; done by Atos healthcare.  That company has a billion pound contract, why couldn’t a government service do it? It is obviously a mean spirited attempt to appease those miserable Scrooge-like Tories who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, who begrudge even sick people a few benefits. They would rather spend a billion denying people’s rights than spend a penny helping them. They would rather spend a fortune on an ‘old master’ to put in a stuffy art gallery or a million on a stuffed cow by Damien Hirst, than help one homeless person.

The country has problems and we all know who causes most of them. I’m no pancake expert, but I know…

There are more amazing blogs on the home page and don’t forget a zillion ideas too.

“Bottles of water can be purchased at the games for £1.60 ($2.50)”

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