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The weeks review

a landscape, Merrion's Wood

I’ve started this post with a photo that I think is a little artistic. It was taken in Merrion’s Wood. I don’t think I would choose Merrion’s Wood for a picnic, it is a great place to take photographs and explore though. I would prefer Sandwell Valley for a picnic on a sunny day. Do you remember those sunny days we used to get in England? We do get breaks in the rain sometimes and that is a good time for a barbecue, garden party or a picnic. That was the subject of my blog yesterday.

Summer barbecue, garden party or picnic.

My blog yesterday was summer barbecue, garden party or picnic and had ideas for dining al fresco. The weather hasn’t been too good this summer in England, but if we just think about barbecues in the evening it will be difficult. We can have picnics with the kids in the summer holidays too.

Thrifty Thursday | shop smart

Thrifty Thursday | shop smart was about shopping wisely and trying to get the bargains. If you shop smart you have more money to spend on the things you want; those little luxuries. You can also be resistant to all the marketing ploys that are used to try to part you with your money.

How to write a novel | making a start

How to write a novel | making a start was about my continuing efforts to write a novella. No one commented again. I really need some funny lines for that. The story is an romantic adventure. Why not read that and see if you think you could write a novel or a short novella?

Neodigital Art | Guest photos

Neodigital Art | Guest photos was yet another in my ever popular series on photography and art.  This week, I used photos taken by Simon James for a change. There are photos of historic vehicles and other interesting pictures.

Random thoughts

Random thoughts was my shortest and most popular post of the week. Maybe it was  popular, because it was short? I did a longer blog over on a zillion ideas on psychology, so was short of time on Monday.

Sunshine Sunday Ramble

Sunshine Sunday Ramble was my usual Sunday ramble when I write whatever is on my mind. The sun was shining when I wrote that and then the rain started. It was still miserable when we got to Walsall Arboretum for the historic vehicle show. I did manage to get some decent photos, despite the drizzle. I particularly liked the double decker bus and had a chat to the driver who gave me a leaflet. He told me how good the Transport Museum at Wythall is. It looks great on the leaflet and the admission prices are reasonable to. According to Google maps that’s a 27 mile drive for me if I use motorways or I can go through Birmingham. I’ll have to think about that…

There are more amazing blog over on a zillion ideas that I wrote this week too. Please share and comment, I need more readers and encouragement.


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