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Neodigital Art | The Motor Show

Motor Show 171

I rushed around the historic vehicle show at the Arboretum that quickly taking photos, I didn’t have time to ask what the cars were or look too closely. I do know that this is a mini though, probably a Cooper. I paid to get in there and so I’m making use of the photos again this week!

Motor Show 188

I don’t know what this one is. It doesn’t look like an American car. Does it? I did zoom in on the badge but that didn’t help.

Motor Show 198

This is another shot of the double decker bus that I used last week. The sun was bright by this time but casting lots of shadows.

Motor Show 195

I managed a shot of the inside, but it was muddy and so I didn’t risk going in. It was kept in pristine condition by the owner.

A Ferrari

This shot of the Ferrari seems to be popular. I think the sun coming out and reflecting off the car made for a better picture.

Motor Show 145

For me, this white coal truck was one of the best vehicles at the show, along with the double decker bus. It reflected light great and so even in bad light I got good photos.

There are more photos on a zillion ideas, with ideas about editing and those photos are mostly landscape today. Please share on Facebook and click ‘like’.


8 responses

  1. Great photos, Mike. Looks like you had a great time at the show. What a great collection of vehicles, with a wide variety of models.

    I believe the yellow car is a Porsche 911. A real beauty.

    10, August 2012 at 3:12 am

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