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Frugal summer update

Money - Seeing the future

It’s summer in England but we have had almost constant rain so far. It’s not over though is it? We still have half of August left and if previous years is anything to go by we could have quite a mild Autumn right up to December. We can’t take chances though and so get out and enjoy it while you can especially if you have children on holiday from school. Think about the future though, retailers are and they have stock to get rid of, before summer comes to an end.

This is a time to pick up summer clothes as retailers start to think about their Autumn/Winter season. They are having summer sales already and things that people usually buy to take on holiday like swimwear is already on sale. Take a look at their websites. Retailers like Matalan have hundreds of items reduced. You can buy a few things for next summer! You can also pick up back to school clothes for the kids at bargain prices at Matalan and discount supermarkets like Aldi.

Before the seasons change, have some days out with the kids and take a picnic. Lots of councils are doing activity days at parks, libraries and museums  and so check out their websites. The kids can make Chinese lanterns at my local museum and art gallery today. Picnics don’t have to be too fancy, do some salad sandwiches with pink salmon, iceberg lettuce, tomato and salad cream… Yummy.. There appears to be a shortage of English apples this year. I have a lot less on my trees, but there are there fruits. They have melons in Aldi for 69p this week. If you go to Aldi, pick up a bottle of Dandelion and Burdock… The kids will think it’s a treat on the picnic…

My blog today on a zillion ideas was about hidden costs like interest added to the price of goods advertised as being sold on ‘interest free’ credit. Why not pop over there and check it out?

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