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Today’s picture was taken at the top aqueduct in Wednesbury where I live. It was sunny a few evenings ago. The railings reflected well off the water. Have you noticed how much graffiti there is around the canals? That’s young people who are bored. I read this morning that an headmaster at a school is advising them to do all sorts of things. Do work at home, visit the sick and lonely, get a job and study… I assume while the kids are doing this, he will be watching his smart television, going out to a restaurant or maybe enjoying a barbecue in his expensively landscaped garden. It’s amazing how people with money and position in society,  know what’s best for people who don’t have money and position.

This week, I wrote a few blogs on a range of subjects.

Summer Frugal Update

The summer frugal update was a few tips on saving money this summer. I think this recession could last longer than previous one so we all have to make an effort.

Save money by being careful

Save money by being careful was even more ideas about saving money and being a trend setter rather than a dedicated follower of fashion.

How to write a novel | Character development

How to write a novel | Character development was how to develop characters when you’re writing fiction. A lot of people want to have a go at writing a novel, especially now we all have computers to write it on. It’s easier to publish too, with eBooks and self publishing.

Neodigital Art | The motor show

On Tuesday, I wrote about Neodigital Art which is always popular and used more pictures from the historic vehicle show at Walsall Arboretum. Everyone seems to like those blogs.

My blogging journey so far

My blogging journey so far was Monday’s post about what I have been doing over the past two years with my blogs. I thought that post would have been more popular, many of my subscribers are bloggers.

Not the Olympics is it?

Not the Olympics is it? was my Sunday ramble. Those posts are the most popular, maybe because I tend to add some humour. I must make an effort to write more humour, but I do have to be in the mood. How can you be in a good mood when it keeps on raining? 

It was a 150 million pound jackpot on the Euro-millions lottery last night and it seems someone in the UK has won it. That is a lot of money. I think that prize is too big and the lottery could be changed so it produced a winner more often and it rolled over less. Big prizes do encourage people to play. The UK lottery was more popular when the jackpot was 10 millions, but then they got greedy and brought out lots of other draws and scratch cards. They always get greedy don’t they?

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