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Neodigital Art | Problems

Perry Barr 031

Unfortunately, I’ve had computer problems for a while that have been affecting my blogs. I like Google Chrome because it’s fast for doing research, but it was the cause of the problems. It kept zooming in, switching magnifier on and off and other things. The font on this blog looked about right, but was set at large, the font on my other blog looked the same, but was set on medium! I have now looked at them using Internet Explorer and this one looks a little big and the one on a zillion ideas too small! I have to choose. I have done a Neodigital Art blog with more pictures on a Zillion Ideas today, why not pop over and check that out? Google Chrome has been reinstalled and packed up all together now!

Sad smile


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  2. Hi Mike, I love this picture, the depth and perspective draw me in. I feel as if I’m going over the bridge as I look at the photo. There is so much going on in the image, the water, bridge, road and building in the background each bring a depth to the photo. Yet the photo is so peaceful. Amazing.

    21, August 2012 at 3:01 am

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    You were right about an add-on effecting Google Chrome. I still get the magnifier turn itself on sometimes but after removing a disused add-on from Norton anti virus, it’s a lot more stable. I can now see that the font on this blog is large and the one on a zillion ideas is medium! This photo isn’t symmetrical but it works well, the angle gives it the depth.

    Thanks for the feedback, it’s helpful to know which photos are popular.

    21, August 2012 at 10:33 am

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