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Thrifty Thursday | Kids and students

MERRIONS 2012 013

I showed a picture of this woodland to a student and she said she would like to explore it, younger children are even more adventurous in woodland. Just be sure not to lose them! I have lost my way in that woodland before now. The kids want to enjoy their summer holiday and it can be difficult to find things for them to do on rainy days and so that was the subject of my blog today on a zillion ideas.

They say time flies when you’re having fun and the school holidays will soon be over, so think now about back to school clothes. They need clothes and things for sports. Older kids need all sorts of things like calculators and pens. You can find lots of back to school stuff in the supermarkets and places like Poundland. Some retailers will give a discount to students who have a student union card or some form of student identification.

I think it’s about 4 weeks before university and college students return to their studies. Aldi is doing all kinds of things for students returning to college, even cookware. I thought a labelling system was a good idea, students often share the fridge or freezer and need to mark the food that belongs to them. Check out places like Staples, many stationers will offer student discounts. Some colleges and universities have a shop of some kind, where students can get a discount, so check those out.

If you go to Matalan to check out their back to school clothes, get a form for a Matalan card and fill it in. They usually send you a voucher for 20% off with your card and so that would be handy for kitting out kids or adults for school or university.

The National Union of Students offers the NUS Extra card for £12 offering student discounts on a range of things. That might be worth getting, but check to see if you are likely to use the participating retailers.

I’m not sure how much that card would save in practice,  it’s a long time since I was a student. If you have a child who is a student it might be worth getting them that card though. You might also consider a GiffGaff SIM for their mobile phone. For £10 a month they get free internet, free texts and 250 minutes of calls and so will be able to keep in touch.

Students also have to think about accommodation, as I have just been reminded and the choice is usually between sharing a flat or house and the halls of residence. I think it is usual for the first year to be in the halls of residence.

It can be helpful to minimise costs for students, many will share house and that will save money.

You might find today’s blog on a zillion ideas useful about things for the kids to do in the holidays. It’s about using stuff you would usually recycle, so very frugal.

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