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Perry Barr 021

I started the week by taking some interesting photographs, despite the cloudy skies again. I took this one in Perry Hall Park in Perry Barr. I would like to go back when the light is better. Not on a day when there is a major football match though, we hit a lot of traffic both on the way there and on the way back.

I like doing thrifty and frugal blogs, but this week I tried to cover the economy in general with a finance Friday blog. Finance Friday | The Economy took a look at the Taxpayers alliance amongst other things. I have since learned the same people  who tend to fund the Conservative Party fund the Taxpayers Alliance too; some of there other policies are quite radical too.

My Thrifty Thursday blog was about kids going back to school and students attending university and all the things parents need to buy. You can get some bargains if you take the time to shop around. Accommodation for university students varies a lot in cost from budget accommodation in the halls of residence to  more luxury rooms. Many students tend to choose the halls of residence for the first year and then maybe share a house for the subsequent years. I’ve been helping an International student this week and she will be doing her final year of her degree in England and so needs to use the hall of residence. There were other things to consider such as bed linen and tableware. She will be restricted in what she can bring to England on the long flight and so will have to buy things when she gets here. The university does some things at a reasonable price.

On Wednesday, I continued trying to involve readers in my story about Nick and Lily. This week in my blog about how to write a novel, I covered writing comedy dialogue. If you would like to have a go at writing a novel or a short novella you might like to check tat blog out. 

On Tuesday, I continued with the ever popular Neodigital Art blogs about art and photography. I only used one picture this week, but did a blog with more pictures on a zillion ideas. I found it was a add on to Google Chrome that was causing the problems. The add on was installed when I installed Norton anti virus. It stored passwords or something. I didn’t use it and so I deleted it.

On Monday, I had a day off from writing for this blog. I know, I must be slipping or getting old!

On Sunday, I wrote another of my rambles and the subject was money! What can we waste money on now? I wrote about that computer program that lost a company $440 millions dollars. I find that almost unbelievable, but that seems to be the nature of the financial services industry now. Governments too seem to have a uncanny knack of spending and wasting money.

I hope you’ll check out some of those blogs and also pop over to a zillion ideas and read a few of those. You can also subscribe to this blog or to a zillion ideas. You might even like to write for a zillion ideas. I have a blog from Fairy Dharawat to read and edit and I expect to receive another blog from her today.  I also have two more writers interested in writing articles for a zillion ideas. If you have an idea that you would like to write about; have a go. I will edit it and maybe add a suitable photograph.


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