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Are you brainwashed?

Sandwell 010

I took this photograph yesterday afternoon. There’s nothing unusual in that is there? It might be more unusual than you think. My day was fairly ordinary for me. I had breakfast, did some writing and then Sunday lunch early so I could have an afternoon taking photographs.

The weather wasn’t very good so I went to a supermarket and did some shopping first. I didn’t listen to the radio or watch television and so my behaviour was fairly independent of the outside world. I did check my email and paid particular attention to the weather forecast for the day. Many people need to have their television on nearly all the time. It is such a powerful influence on them, that they can’t go even a day without it. Are they being brainwashed? Are you being brainwashed?

Imagine James Bond at the airport, all he has to do is get past security on to the plane and he’s free. But they arrest him and rather than being taken to the police station; he is taken to a secure unit. A scary place behind high walls protected by armed guards and barbed wire. He’s a spy and so he knows what can be done to him. He could be tortured, strip searched (embarrassing) or even killed. This would make him anxious wouldn’t it? He is also put in isolation so he has no human contact, left with his own thoughts and the noises. He can hear the sounds of the guards patrolling, dogs barking, the crank of keys and the faint sound of voices speaking in a language he doesn’t understand. It’s all cold and clinical designed to cause anxiety and despair.

Then along comes Olga, she is warm and friendly. She laughs when he voices his fears. They won’t hurt him! He is a spy and there are harsh punishments for spying, but Olga reassures him that they are a forgiving people, not at all like what he has been told by his government. This is the carrot and the stick treatment designed to confuse Bond and make him wonder if his own government has been totally truthful with him. Olga allays his fears and so he has a powerful reason to believe her. The treatment will continue, Bond will be reassured that his family and friends could contact him if they wanted to. He would be told that his government could arrange his release if they wanted to. Then they suggest that maybe everyone has forgotten him, his friends, his family and his government; none of them care anymore. The only person who  cares and makes sense now is Olga!

People in society are subjected to mass brainwashing, are made to feel anxious and fear awful things happening to them. They often fear embarrassment, losing their home, losing their income, losing their friends and loved ones. The fear is spread mainly through television. The environment in which people live also subjects them to anxiety and fear.

Walking down that river yesterday, I saw a horse rider, cyclists and people walking their dogs. They had all chosen a safe place to relax. Farther up river, I wouldn’t have felt so safe, there is ugly housing and obvious deprivation. I know many crimes involving drugs are reported from that housing estate. It has a reputation for an intimidating culture, it is survival of the fittest in that area. The popular television programmes with all their problems are watched there and that makes people even more anxious. Why do they watch them? They have little else to do and they see these programmes as suggesting ways to cope.

Next Sunday, leave the television off and consider a quiet walk somewhere. You will find somewhere that you feel safe is likely to be somewhere close to nature. It might be a country walk by the river like me, it might be a walk through the park or maybe a nature reserve. It could help you keep your sanity! You could do worse than observe nature as you walk, I look for things to photograph and so become aware of the flowers. I see the river, the bridges, the bulls in the field, the train passing, the electricity pylons against the sky, the trees and paths leading off the bridle way. I saw few people, someone on a horse, a couple of cyclists and a man walking his dog. Where was everyone else? In front of their televisions soaking up the latest depressing soap opera?

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2 responses

  1. A quiet walk…I do that all the time. It’s one of the great pleasures of ife – a way to get centred and enjoy the world in which we live. I prefer to walk as well…feel the earth under my feet…



    21, August 2012 at 5:47 am

    • Hi George,

      It not only does you good but keeps you away from other influences like the TV and the pub while you’re doing it!

      Thanks for visiting.

      21, August 2012 at 8:34 am

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