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Neodigital Art | depth of field

Perry Barr 066

At the end of a day taking photographs it can be frustrating when the sun comes out in the early evening, when you’re just about to give up. After a day of poor light, the sun came out a little and so I took this shot from a railway bridge. The tracks going away from us give the shot a lot of depth.

Perry Barr 049

You can see how I tried to get depth with this shot, the flowers in the foreground, the birds in the mid ground and shooting down the lake all should add to the depth. The white sky that day just made everything look dull.

Perry Barr 008

This was earlier that same day and the poor light isn’t such a problem because the road reflects it well and we have lots of depth and even a a little blurring to give a perception of speed.

Sandwell 001

The composition of this photograph is good, with the fence in the foreground to give it lots of depth. The shot was towards the sun and the sky was white again, so this shot would be better at a different time of day and with better light.

On a Tuesday, I usually write a Neodigital Art blog for a zillion ideas and then do this one. Today, I did this one first! You can find the one on a zillion ideas a little later though. The final photo in this set was from Sunday by the river and so I’ll use more of those photos on a zillion ideas. Why not pop over there and check it out?


11 responses

  1. Hi Mike, These are excellent example of using perspectives for depth. With the first picture my instinct would have been to shoot the tracks straight on, but your angle is much more powerful.

    This series is such a helpful photography class, thank you very much!

    21, August 2012 at 1:45 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I wasn’t tall enough to shoot that one straight on! The wall was 5 ft at the ends but 6 ft in the middle of the bridge. The motorway isn’t quite so intimidating at that angle!

    21, August 2012 at 2:42 pm

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