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I take the photographs for this blog with my Fujifilm S5600 and as you can see with the macro photo above, it does the job. I was tempted when I saw a more modern Fujifilm camera on offer at Comet this morning for 129.99. That was the Fujifilm S4230. It’s better than mine with more resolution and a 3 inch preview screen. I like Fujifilm cameras because they take AA batteries, which can be picked up cheap. I have rechargeable ones and alkaline batteries for mine and always have a spare set in my case.

At Aldi this week the ‘super six’ is nectarines, plums, baking potatoes, peppers, large vine tomatoes and fun sized apples; all 69p each. I had the baking potatoes and nectarines last week. The nectarines are really nice. You can do baked potatoes and pop a sausage in the middle or cut them into wedges and boil for 6 minutes then coat them with sunflower oil and finish them off in the oven or under the grill.

I bought a tray with holes in last week in Aldi, it’s supposed to be for pizza, but I use it for oven chips. Make sure that it will fit in your oven though, I had to bend the edges of mine to make it fit. Those are 2.99. Other bargains in Aldi were frozen garden peas for 85p (1Kg) and I had a window cleaner spray for 69p. That worked well, I tested it! I had frozen haddock for 2.79 for 4 pieces. Try the haddock with some potato wedges and garden peas. Fish, chips and peas for under a quid, that can’t be too bad!

I’m hoping to go to Aldi this afternoon to see what Thursday specials I can get. I want the baking potatoes again and a coloured wok for 4.99. I’m getting that for an international student, it seemed appropriate as she is Chinese.

I did a thrifty blog for students over on a zillion ideas earlier, why not check that out?

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