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This weeks amazing ideas


When I start a blog, I have to think of a title and then what picture to begin with. It’s not easy! This photo is of the Manor House in West Bromwich, it’s now a museum and open to the public on some afternoons. People overseas keep telling me they want to come and see the places that I photograph. Maybe the Tourist Board should sponsor one of my blogs!

A financial storm brewing? I keep getting emails telling me there is a financial storm brewing and so I wrote a blog about it. I think things could get worse before they get better, but we shall have to see. You could read that post to see what other ideas I have!

Thrifty Thursday | Student Bargains was about students starting university or returning to uni.  It’s an expensive business and so you have to plan ahead and look around for bargains. There have been a lot of blogs on that subject on the net. I hope mine is a little different and not quite as condescending as the rest.

How to write a novel | colloquialisms was another blog  about writing fiction. I’m still working on my story about Nick and Lily and their love-hate relationship. Many people think they can write a novel and plan to do it ‘one day’, but never do. That post might help you get started.

Neodigital Art | Depth of field was another post in the ever popular series. That used some photos with lots of depth; rather like the one that I have started with today.

Are you brainwashed? was another popular psychology blog. Understanding the human mind can be difficult, but I try to write those blogs in simple terms.

You may fool some of the people all of the time, was my usual Sunday ramble when I write about anything that’s on my mind. That was a good post and popular too. The picture wasn’t bad either!

I also wrote a few blogs on a zillion ideas. That site was popular this week. That was 13 blogs altogether and one humorous blog from Fairy Bharawat over on a zillion ideas. That’s not bad for one week! Please comment if you have something to say and share with your Facebook friends.




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