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50 shades of


We haven’t had much summer this year in England, which can’t have pleased the champagne and strawberries crowd much. They have had a good year with the Jubilee, Glyndebourne, Royal Ascot, Henley, Wimbledon, the Proms and the Olympics. The peasants got to watch it all from afar on their widescreen idiot boxes; some in HD, some even watched in 3D!

I think B&Q would have made good Olympic sponsors, they could have sponsored the fencing or the fitted kitchen events!

It was thundering here an hour ago, it’s sunny now. The weather can’t make it’s mind up. I’ve got a heavy cold and a horrible sore throat. They say that vitamin C helps to prevent colds, so it might have been worse without all the vitamins. A slice of melon is supposed to ease a sore throat, I just tried that, it works for about two seconds. A drop of scotch will not only anesthetise your throat, it makes your tonsils disappear too.

Yesterday, I listened to a music track featured on Claire Tchaikowski’s Facebook page, I didn’t watch it. I was busy doing other things. Then I shared it and played it again. It featured BDSM! My whole Facebook friends list flashed before my eyes! I went 50 shades of red! I have schoolgirls on my friends list! I know…

I thought about it and I don’t think anyone will be too shocked. My great niece got a GCSE in sociology this week, they learn acronyms like BDSM on that course… Most young people on my list, know a bit about reef knots as well. Anyway, I think that video has been banned or something on YouTube and so you’ve been warned. It will get as many views as 50 shades now!

Anyway, I later downloaded a music video from YouTube and that’s been keeping me entertained. It’s Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor. You don’t get many schoolgirls listening to that…

One of my other great nieces is a singer, not quite like Claire, but she will be singing near my home on the 7th of September. That will be at the Horse and Jockey in Wednesbury, if you’re local come along. I might take a few photographs. She is into having her photo taken, but no BDSM. Not yet anyway!

I usually take photographs on a Sunday afternoon, but  this horrible cough and cold might stop me this week. The weather forecast says rain this morning, improving and a little sunny this evening. I have tried doing evening photography and although the shadows can be interesting, I keep getting my own shadow in the photographs.

The blogs I write on a Sunday are usually the most popular. They’re usually funny! I don’t usually have a stinking cold though. It’s hard to write anything when you’re not well,  but I keep going. I managed 13 blogs this week and on my newer website; a zillion ideas. Why not pop over there and read some of those blogs too? You could even subscribe!


3 responses

  1. That video sharing is the sort of thing that would happen to me.

    27, August 2012 at 12:02 am

    • Hi Nick,

      My bit of publicity will probably make it popular. Everyone is jumping on the 50 shades bandwagon now.I just had a spammy email offering me all sorts of bondage equipment! I do actually have that song as an MP3 on my computer, it’s good.

      27, August 2012 at 9:23 am

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